• When: 2019-12-08
  • QIC: Katniss (R)
  • The PAX: Ebert, Honey Bun (R), Katniss (R)

Cavemen Training

Conditions cold,dry


Pledge of Allegiance


Missing a few pax this morning.  YHC sent an invite to the Beechhouse Pax but no visitors came out.  offered a clown car to get things moving but alas no takers.

YHC decided on some Caveman Training from their app. This workout involved cardio portion, strength portion, anaerobic cardio portion, and finally a flexibility routine.  Here’s what we did….

The thang,

4 min alt single arm swings
Rest 2 minutes

4 min strict press
Rest 2 minutes

8 minute EMOM
8 ,10, or12 reps per minute
Decrease 2 reps after 4th minute
Racked squat
Hang snatch
Rest 4 minutes with stretching

Flexibility slow and steady
Windmills 10 reps left 1 right 2 etc
OH rev lunges 10 reps saa
3 to 5 sets

Heres a link to the video


Cobains for delayed BB. After a day of rest I can really feel this workout.  If you do it dont skimp on the last portion of flexibility.



F3 Christmas party


Ebert  safe travels

My mother upcoming surgery


Your brother,