• When: 091417
  • QIC: Rocking Chair
  • The PAX: Track Hoe, Overage, Bouche', Dozer, Shine, Trickle, Moist, Rocking Chair-R

CAT’s Soggy Bottom Beatdown

YHC was excited to get an invitation to Q the CAT pax this morning.  (So much so that he set 2 alarms and still woke up at 3:30 for the long pilgrimage in the rain to LHS.)  Having no prior visis to this AO, YHC relied on the advise of one of our asian wise men, #BlameDunphy, who said,” They don’t like to run but they LOVE Burpees.”  Well alright then, I believe I can oblige.  What it was , was a soggy bottom beatdown…

The Thang:  1 minute warning, check for FNG’s, none, BOM

Circle up for : LBC’s  x 20 IC, arms stay up, Overhead claps x 20 IC, arms stay up, LBC x 20 Backerds, IC, recover.

TTT x 20 , IC

SSH x 20, IC

Slomo Merkins x 16, thanks Moist, IC

Slomo Squats x 15, IC

Mosey to the excecise stations

Station 1: 30- merkins, 30- Air Squats, 30- LBXC’s ( after each set make a lap around the island , aprox. 20 yards, by alternating through  Broadjump Burpees, Walking Lunges and Walking Imperial Walkers)

10 Burpees and plank for the 6.  recover and move to the next station by means of what I will call Sidewinder Merkins, distance traveled roughly 10 yards.

Station2: 30- 4 ct. Windmills, 30- Merkins, 30- 4 ct. Mountain Climbers( repeat as after each exercise at Station 1 around the island)

10 Burpees, plank for the 6 then sidewinder Merkins to the next station.

Station 3: 30-4 ct Flutter Kicks, 30- Merkins, 30- Star Jumps, not easy and very entertaining to watch, Around the island, then 10 Burpees and plank for the 6.  Sidewind to Station 4.

Station 4: 30- Supermans, 30- Merkins, 30_ Hello Dollies, 30 Lunges and 10 Burpees. Due to time constraints we only traveled around the island twice this time. Mosey to flag.

Circle up Count-a-rama, Name-a-rama.

Announcements: Prayer requests

Devo:  “I can do all things through him who strengthens me.”  Recap of Juice’s experience  at the Mountain Goat Leg 31 of the BRR.