• When: 2019-09-12
  • QIC: Carpool
  • The PAX: Seesaw, Rudy, Holy Water (Respect), Flux, Rafter, Utah, Hallmark, Tackleberry, Carpool

Carpool’s Bag of Pain

Beautiful moon this morning and muggy conditions.  We enjoyed music from the Beastie Boys and Eminem this morning.

Short warmup run and we circled up in the front parking lot.  Tardy Seesaw joined us as the fun was starting.

Strange Stretching Exercises (shoulder rolls, hamstring stretch, calf raises x 10 IC)

SSH x 15 IC

Slow Merkin x 10 IC

Apollo Ono x 10 IC (a few besmirchments handed out for poor leg sweeps)

Mountain Climbers x 15 IC


Rudy made the first selection from the bag of horrors so we were off to the Middle School loop for 10 burpees at each crosswalk or speed bump (4 stations) followed by 30 Iron Crosses at the school entrance.

Seesaw reached into the bag and selected field work.  100 yard 90-percent run with 20 big boys return run and 20 merkins.  This was done 3 times.

Lengthy mosey to Block Pile:  30 curls, 30 bench press set of 20 then set of 10.

Back to the Flag.

Announcement:  Wheels up Saturday for the  Village People Q.  Carville will be in town.

Prayers:  Pray for the Slice family as Molly recently lost her mother.

Great work by all this morning.


When in occasional short-term or long-term struggles it is helpful to take on an attitude of gratitude.  It may not seem like it, but there is opportunity for gratitude in just about every situation.  It is often a challenge for me to remember this, but it does work.   Yesterday I had a rough day at work and was whining about some tasks that were difficult.  I then realized my poor attitude and reminded myself that I was grateful that people pay me to solve certain problems.  This attitude can be difficult to employ during certain times; however there is gratitude to be acknowledged in most situations.  I am reminded of when my father passed away and the sadness that never truly leaves; however I am grateful for the 72 years that this world was blessed with him and the love and guidance he showed me.