• When: 2019-05-29
  • QIC: Puck
  • The PAX: Cootie, Ken Doll, Scooper, Paper Jam, Mermaid, Putz, Stay Puff, Happy Trees, Tongue & Groove, Hemingway, Kukoc, Puck, Wilson, Belding

Breaking Records at Rooster for the 5th Stop of the Jauntlet

The Haynes was successfully run by 14 pax in this morning’s gloriously sticky, hot, gloom.  14 is a special number for this group because it represents the largest gathering of pax to ever attend.  We have hit 13 several time but 14 has been very illusive.  Thanks to all the men from out of town who came to run our AMRAP.

YHC made it to the AO about 30 minutes ahead of time to get the agility ladder laid out and pinned down.  The pax started to roll in one at a time.  At 5AM, YHC took the 12 pax gathered for a quick recon lap around the park (mainly as warm up and this would Keep YHC from having to explain everything over and over again)

As we were starting the recon lap, man number 13 (Putz) pulled up fashionably late. After the recon lap, it was 7minutes after 5AM so the pax were turned loose to start the fun.  Just as the pax were leaving the parking lot, man number 14 (Belding) was coming in hot.  Belding knows the course, no need for explanation, so YHC took off to enjoy the morning gloom with the rest of the men.  The Rooster pax are apparently not the most punctual group. Urkel showed up at 6.

The Thang

-Start at the flag run counter clockwise around the park.
-Take the right and cross Bernard St, onto Long Terrace
-Run all the way to the end of Long Terrace to Crosson St and turn around and run back up the hill to the park
-Cross Bernard St and take a right back onto the park side walk
-Proceed to the running ladder
-At the next corner on the side walk, karaoke facing away from the park to the slight bend in the side walk and then turn and karaoke facing into the park to the next corner (Boy Scout Hut)
-Back pedal to the to the the picnic area
-At the next intersection in the side walk high knee run to the balance beam
-Continue to run around the park until you are back at the flag to completing one lap.

Rinse and repeat until 5:45 and make your way back to the flag

All the Pax successfully completed the Haynes. The KOM for the course fell. The KOM for Long Terrace wasn’t touched however.


FiA/F3Lex 2.0 summer kick-off working at the Hollow 7AM to 8AM on 6/1

Doodle is very appreciative of all the donations coming in to help his family with the cost of getting SK a new activity chair.


SK is doing much better and is on room air, should be home soon.