• When: 2019-05-28
  • QIC: Boo Boo
  • The PAX: MacGruber, Chuckwagon, Hoist, FNG, Moonshine, Slum Lord (R), Mulligan, All 9s, Scotch, Tiger Blood, Honey Boo Boo, Cramps, Boo Boo

Boo Boo Takes On The Hollow

I’ve been dragging a musical Q around to several different AOs so I decided to switch it up and actually plan something for the men of The Hollow.  After doing my best to keep up with the speedy Hollow strideliters, some more dudes showed up and we put in some work and had a great time. Here’s how it went:




25 SSH

2 burpees

20 SSH

4 burpees *groaning begins*

15 SSH

6 burpees

10 SSH

8 burpees


10 burpees


Mosey’d over to the smaller set of stairs in front of the gym for some ELEVENS.

10 merkins at bottom, broad jump up the stairs, 1 BBSU at the top

9 merkins, broad jump up, 2 BBSU

. . .

2 merkins, broad jump up, 9 BBSU

1 merkin, broad jump up, 10 BBSU


Mosey over to parking lot by breezeway to LTC.  Using the first 5 columns, run one set of suicides, touch the line every time.


Mosey up the breezeway and over to the grass lot between the parking lots.  Don’t know the name of this setup, possibly Dora, but saw @Quisenberry do it once and decided to duplicate it.

Partner 1 does burpees on the sidewalk.

Partner 2 runs from Partner 1 to Partner 3.

Partner 3 does BBSUs.

Every time a partner reaches another, they switch.  So everyone ends up doing everything.  Stop when the team gets to 150 burpees total.


Line up at the three speed bumps in the parking lot for 5 sprints.


Mosey over to where we warmed up for 5 minutes of Mary, dealer’s choice style:

All 9s – 25 Freddie Mercuries

Cramps – 20 Burt Reynolds

Scotch – 20 Iron Crosses

Slum Lord – 1 Eggroll


Back to the flag.

FNG Name – Aaron Bruner (sp?) – moved here from Pittsburgh – “Yinzer” – originally from Georgia – GT fan – “Athens” – salesman for Allstate – Cramps and 9s try to bait him into “Athens” again – “Flo” and “Mayhem” already taken – “Hedges” as in Sanford Stadium’s famous “between the hedges” – Welcome HEDGES!


  • Had a great time this morning with the men of The Hollow.  Fun bunch to hang around that will make you laugh and definitely make you better.  You can tell these dudes like to have a good time and the 2nd F is strong.
  • Cramps toted his nalgene all over campus during the workout today.  Ask him how that went.
  • MacGruber is fast. The end.
  • I’m doing next Memorial Day with the boys of The Hollow, they know how to have fun.  At least it sounds like it.
  • It was good to meet Big Shawty.

Pray it up, go find breakfast, and make it a great day.