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Weather: A balmy 30-35. We were happy to just be dry.
Q: Tspot

Disclaimer: “Cleary I am not a professional. Modify if necessary.”
Opening prayer.

Warmup: Mosey-high knees-butt kicks-shuffle left-shuffle right. Circle up.
Sidestraddle hop 10x. LBC forward and back x 10. Thru the tunnel x10

Workout: Blocks. Round 1. Using the 10:1, 9:2, 8:3 ratio
Deep squats with overhead Press and Big Boy SitUps

Circle Up. 10 PAX 5 blocks. Pass right and then pass left.
Staggered blocks for lateral-forward-backward walkovers in plank position.

Round 2. Using same 10:1, 9:2 ratio: Merkins and Curls for the Girls.
Followed by another round of plank positioned walkovers
Partner up. Backs to each other. Pass the block 10 in each direction.

5 mins left. Turned the Q over to some of the guys that havent Q before. One called Iron Mary. The other called Burpees at the end of the workout. Brutal. And finally Biggie called a lunge exercise that resembled MC Hammer doing the Running Man in the Cant Touch This video.

Prayer request: The Jumanji members that are there in spirit but battling injuries.
Prayed to be encouragement to each other beyond F3 workouts.

Good work by all. Come visit us at Jumanji!