• When: 2019-11-14
  • QIC: Lug Nut
  • The PAX: Lug Nut, Traitor, Costanza, Insanity, Hustler, Adrian, Oscar, Driveby, Mud Dawg, Einstein, Vowels, BetaMax

Bert and Ernie (minus the Bert) @Thunder

YHC was supposed to be on a co-Q but Chyna was out with a fever. (Maybe he needs more cowbell)

The Thang:

W/u: 15 SSH IC, 10 TTT IC, 15 Overhead Claps IC, 10 LBACs IC

Ernie (half of the Bert workout)

25 Burpees, 400m run

50 merkins, 400m run

75 Lunges, 400m run

100 squats, 400m run

75 lunges, 400m run

50 merkins, 400m run

25 burpees

PAX when finished did AMRAP 20BBS, 20 flutter kicks, 30s plank on repeat until all PAX were finished


Cold Brew Half Marathon on Nov 24th at 1pm. There are some relay options available or could just come out a enjoy a cold brew! Convergence at Brickpile on Thanksgiving Thursday and at Dawnstrike on USC vs Clempson Saturday.