• When: 2020-02-11
  • QIC: Boo Boo
  • The PAX: Handlebar, Columbo (R), Boo Boo

Bats for Jumanji

Inspired by a recent Saturday visit to Jumanji, I hopped on the sheet to go see these men again soon after that visit.  Struggling to come up with any good workout ideas and inspired by the days work activities (a presentation on bats), the men of Jumanji were subjected to some bad puns, an even worse acronym workout, and some general make it up as you go type stuff.  Here’s how it went:




Mosey around top side of parking lot and find a bump stop to call your friend.

10 toe taps IC

10 merkins OYO

10 toe taps IC

10 merkins OYO

10 toe taps IC

10 merkins OYO

Mosey back towards the flag, triangle up for some additional warm up.



10 IW IC

10 Windmill IC

Mosey to the concession stand for some BATS (burpees, abs, triceps, squats).

Group mosey around the concession stand to make sure we know where we are going.

While one PAX runs a lap around the concession stand, others complete the exercise.

Completed three rounds before increasing laps to two laps per PAX.  Completed one round.

Mosey to baseball field for positional burpees – 1 burpee at pitcher, 2 at catcher, 3 at 1B, etc.  45 total burpees done.

Back to the concession stand and as a group, 1 burpee and take a lap around the concession stand.

Continue BATS, 2 laps per PAX version, for what I believe was two more rounds.

Mosey to the flag for 5 minutes of Mary, a new addition to Boo Boo Qs.

Handlebar – Gas Pumpers x 12 IC

Boo Boo – Freddie Mercs x 10 IC

Columbo – Ray Charles x 8 IC

Handlebar – Iron Crosses x 13 IC

Boo Boo – Flutter Kicks (4 ct) x 20 IC



  • Columbo and Handlebar put in the work.  Don’t think I heard one complaint from these beasts!
  • There’s no guarantees for the Five Minutes of Mary section of this write up, the numbers called were bad and the pain was worse.
  • I always struggle to come up with a weinke for Jumanji but always end up having a great time with these dudes
  • The weather was exquisite this morning, saw lots of fast times on Strava.  Bring on the summer sweatfests!


  • 6 year F3 Lexington anniversary – Feb 29 – 6:30 am – RBHS
  • Mass Extinction Elimination Endurance Challenge – May 3 – Katniss, Rook, and YHC are in, are you?

Devo: from this book

Story of Israelites getting Aaron to build them a false idol when Moses was on the mountain with God.  Know the signs of chasing false gods and turn away.

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