• When: 2020-03-03
  • QIC: Boo Boo
  • The PAX: Thumbs Up (R), MacGruber, Lumbergh, Pickle, Niles, Pop Off, Moana, Brita of Ambush, Paper Jam, Big Rig, El Chapo, Boo Boo

Ambush Don’t Care Bout No Rain

I was worried the rain was going to keep the men of Ambush in their nice warm beds but they showed up in full force and good thing they did because Thumbs Up was there to award them a shovel flag for the recent cereal drive.  We weren’t even one MacGruber shy of anything because he was there! Despite his efforts to convince me to head to Waffle House for the Q, we stayed home and tried (ok not really) to stay dry.  Here’s what we did.

1 MW



Mosey over to other parking lot and try not to get hit by the newspaper delivery Prius.  Warm up with:

15 Side Straddle Hops

15 Through the Tunnels

15 Little Baby Arm Circles F/ 15 R

15 Imperial Walkers

The BALMY BOMBS are back for another traveling Q experience, each time a little different.  Today’s version was nearly the best one yet.

Round 1

B – 1 burpee – jog half length of parking lot

A – (abs) 15 flutter kicks (4 count) – jog back (future Q note: please, for goodness sake, don’t make the men of Ambush get wet when exercising, it hurts their… uh, we’ll call them “feelings.”  And they will let you know)

L – 10 lunges – jog half length of parking lot

M – 10 merkins – jog back

Y – (you run there) sprint the length of the parking lot

Repeat for 5 total rounds.  Add 1 burpee each round.  Pick a different ab exercise each round.  Add 5 lunges each round.  Add 5 merkins each round.

Partner up for BOMBS

B – burpees – one partner runs a big loop while the other does burpees then switch – need 50 total burpees per partner group – if you finish, help other groups

O – overhead claps – same deal, need 100 total OH claps

M – merkins – same deal, need 150 total merkins – arms were shot at this point and time was winding down

Head to driest breezeway spot possible for 5 minutes of mary (future Q note: please, for goodness sake, don’t make the men of Ambush decide on exercises that are supposed to focus on the abdominal region, they won’t)

Niles – submits to MacG’s ever louder request for Balls to the Wall and insults his ego at the same time, it was excellent

Lumbergh – people’s chair – Lumbergh is hereby banned from choosing exercises during 5MOM

Thumbs Up – dying cockroach – *Key & Peele substitute teacher THANK YOU gif*

Back to the flag


  • T-claps to Brita, making the best out of a bad situation, getting some miles in under the breezeway, .1 mile at a time while Paper Jam cheered him on
  • Niles beat MacGruber in a race
  • Wear your galoshes if you plan to stay in the main parking lot of Ambush on a rainy day.  Maybe even thigh high galoshes.
  • Great work from Paper Jam getting the Gamecock baseball fan triggered
  • T-claps to the men of Ambush on their mini shovel flag and their efforts in the recent cereal drive.  Great work all around.



  • Lexington Race Against Hunger – 3/14 – shirts still available


Prayer Requests

  • Dear Diary



Mark 7:26-28

Jesus was often a shrewd teacher.  He didn’t only teach the person in front of Him.  Just as often, He was also teaching those who were standing around observing and scrutiniziing Him.  The disciples wanted this woman to go away because she was an embarrassment, a Gentile excluded from the promise of a Jewish Messiah.

For the disciples’ ears, Jesus intentionally compared her to a dog – and a few Jewish heads must have nodded.  Yeah, that’s right.  She’s not one of us.  But the mother was undeterred, and because of her faith this “dog” received the miracle she asked for!  What a lesson to the disciples: a dog with faith is better than a man with only a Jewish last name.

Faith is the only thing that impresses God.  No family history or heritage matters; not the denomination or church you grew up in.  Faith alone puts you in touch with the Savior.

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