• When: 2019-07-18
  • QIC: Juice
  • The PAX: Brita, Lumberh, El Chapo, Goodman, Niles, Paper Jam, Pennyworth, Ditch Witch, Juice

Ambush Alley

Nine pax met at Ambush this morning for their DRP.  We had 5 for Stridelite.  It was good to see our brother El Chapo back after posting to The Grinder for his first bootcamp on Tuesday.  Keep at it brother.  Below is what went down on the alley this morning.

Weather 74, humid



Mosey to the freshly cut grass area for COP all IC x 20

The Thang
Mosey to brick pile and grab two bricks and line up on Ambush Alley.
Native American Run toward Pilgrim Church.

Partner Up.  One partner will preform AMRAP of called exercise and other will run to the next light pole perform 5 merkins and back-peddle on the return.  Flapjack.  Keep bricks the whole time.  Once both complete, plank on the six.
Once all men have completed a round, we both mosied to the next pole. We rinsed and repeated  down the alley.  Got in two and a half rounds
Tricep Extensions
LBC’s with bricks
Curls for the Gurls
Gas Pumps with bricks
Lateral Raise

Return bricks and head to the flag for Mary
Boat Canoe
Freddie Mercury
American Hammer


– Lumbergh pointed out the irony in doing an Indian run to Pilgrim Church.
-Ditch Witch was putting in work and may be the only ‘bushman that can count.
– We missed Meter…and Tutu
– We did not discuss why James has been crying

Devo: WHAT WOULD JESUS DO? – In Touch, Dr. Charles Stanley

Luke 6:39-40

In the 1990s many Christians joined the trend of wearing small wristbands bearing the letters W.W.J.D., which stood for the question “What Would Jesus Do?” Although the fad has passed, the question is still valid. It’s designed to prompt us to consider whether our words, actions, and attitudes are an accurate reflection of the life of our Savior.

However, before we can accurately assess whether we are doing what Jesus would, we need to have a comprehensive understanding of what He said and did, as recorded in Scripture. It’s easy to take a few verses and come away with a simplistic view of the Lord. Most people are tempted to make Jesus into an image of what they want Him to be instead of trying to see the whole picture. Yes, He responded to people with love and compassion, but He also told them to stop sinning and warned them about the dangers of hell.

If we truly want to respond like Christ, it will take more than a reminder from a bracelet. We must yearn to “put on the Lord Jesus Christ, and make no provision for the flesh in regard to its lusts” (Rom. 13:14). This means we must learn who Christ is through daily Scripture reading and pray for Him to transform our heart. That will help purify our life from sin and align our thoughts and desires with His.

Then, as we not only show His compassion and concern for the lost but also warn them of the danger they face by rejecting Him, some may be drawn to our Savior. And since “the Son of Man came to seek and to save the lost” (Luke 19:10 NIV), we know our actions are in line with what He would do.