• When: 2017-11-21
  • QIC: Pass Ball
  • The PAX: Grout, Julep, Chum Lee, Hemingway, Hops, Hot Stick, Cook Out, Pass Ball

8 PAX for some cards…and burpees

8 PAX posted at Tomahawk for the continuation of Game Month. YHC pulled out the old deck of cards with an added twist to keep the PAX on their feet.

Conditions 35 and cold



The Thang

Mosey to the Cinder Block pile and grab a block and continue on to the Goat Hill.

Circle up with your block. Its time to play cards.

Hearts = Burpees (because everybody loves burpees) with block for those that dared.

Diamonds = curls (double the card total) with block

Spades = squats with block

Clubs = lunges with block

Card value = # of reps

Joker = 10 man-makers (in honor of Julep’s return)

Any Ace-complete 11 reps of exercise and then run the goat hill to the other side and back.

For some strange reason, all of the hearts came early on. Several PAX thought the deck was stacked or maybe the dealer was dealing from the bottom of the deck. YHC had to give a quick probability lesson to assure the PAX everything was on the up-and-up.

In the end, no Jokers were pulled but all of the heats save one were drawn. So we did 92 burpees along with too many curls, squats, and lunges to count. Time was called and we headed back to the shovel flag, stopping along the way to return the blocks.


Indian Run Wednesday at 5:15am

Thursday converge with the Hollow at 6:00am

Prayer Requests

TPs father-in-law

Hot Sticks friends father-in-law