• When: 2018-11-06
  • QIC: 7-11
  • The PAX: Utah (R) , Forest, Voltron (R), Fast Casual, Recall, Da Bear (R), Pot Luck, Floppy Disk, Long Haul, Rock Drop, Bailout, Fish Wrap, Quest, Baby Heart

7-11’s – Open for 24 hours of pain!

Conditions: 70 Degrees, little breezy, wet ground (from rain night before)

Disclaimer, Prayer, Pledge of Allegiance



1 lap – 0.25 mile

SSH – IC x25

Merkin – ICx10

Imperial Walker – IC x15

Little Baby Arm Cirles – Forward ICx15

“              “              “        –  Reverse IC x15

Through the tunnel – IC x 10

Mountain Climbers – IC x 10


The Thang:

Bear Crawl Ladder:

Starting point is a parking space white line, Bear Crawl to each parking space white line and do a merkin at each white line, eg, 1st line = 1 merkin, 2nd line = 2 merkins – 1 set

Lunge Ladder:

Starting point is a parking space white line and lunge to each parking space white line and do a jump squat at each white line, eg, 1st line = 1 jump squat, 2nd line = 2 jump squats

Mosey over to block pile

Grab blocks and head to back of school, group counted off 1-2-3

1st set of exercises:

Group 1: Run around school

Group 2: Overhead Press with block (until group 1 done)

Group 3: Find a bench and rotate 10 decline merkins with 10 incline merkins

(rotate when group 1 is done)

2nd set of exercises

Group 1: Bear Crawl to center column and jog back

Group 2: Curls for the girls with block (until group 1 done)

Group 3: Flutter kicks (3 count) (or until group 1 done)

3rd set of excercises:

Group 1: 15 Dry Docks – Run around Column – 15 Dry Docks

Group 2: Block dips with block

Group 3: American Hammer (until group 1 done)

Mosey over to return blocks and back to shovel flag

Cool down lap around school drop off loop and finish with 1 set of Freddie Mercuries IC X 15


11/7: Cheech Birthday Run Remembrance (Converge at Stride)

11/10: Cheech 10k/half marathon

12/1: Wildcat Challenge – run to each of area AO (starts at Shawshank)

12/14: Christmas Party


Prayer Requests:

Floppy Disk – Hampton Schultz (4 year old battling cancer)

Voltron – Daughters with some difficult decisions

Fish Wrap – Unspoken

Bailout – request to think about our country during elections today



I had great discussion with Voltron on Friday after a Crusade run – and it was about the realness of F3, about how we all have problems (marital, trouble with kids, trouble at work, problems with aging parents, addiction struggles), I am personally drawn to this group because I can see the realness and the accountability – no mask or falseness here

“I tell you this so you may have peace in me, in this world you will have trouble, but take heart I have overcome the world.” John 16:33