• When: 2019-05-02
  • QIC: Harp
  • The PAX: Fergie (Respect), Honeybun (Respect) Harp (Respect)

Yoga mats and leg warmers

Chinstrap was on the Q sheet for this morning at Snakepit, but when he got word that 80,000 chickens were on the way to his farm, he asked for help and a call to the bullpen was made.  YHC has the Nike workout app for health insurance discount and decided this would be the perfect scenario to do one of the daily workouts.

Conditions: 62 degrees, foggy and muggy

1 Minute warning


Opening Prayer

Mosey down the stairs and circle up (triangle up?) for the warmup

  • 15 SSH IC
  • 10 IW IC
  • 10 LBACS forward and back

1st beginner warmup:

All exercises were AMRAP for either 1 min or 30 seconds

  • 1 min walkouts(inch worms)
  • 30s knee hugs
  • 30s reverse lunges
  • 30s high plank

The following was R & R 3 times without pausing

  • 30s squats
  • 30s merkins
  • 30s reverse lunges
  • 30s airplanes L
  • 30s airplanes R

Then 3rounds of R&R

  • 20s mountain climbers
  • 20s BBSU

Next workout:

  • 1m stretch lunges
  • 30s lateral hip stretches
  • 30s squats
  • 30s reverse lunges reaches
  • 30s one legged quad stretches

3 rounds of

  • 1 min lateral lunges
  • 30s lunge jumps
  • 3 rounds of
  • 1min squats
  • 30s bobby hurleys


deadlift stretches

stiff leg stretches

Mosey back to the flag

YHC wasn’t sure about the intensity of the workout before hand, but quickly realized just a few minutes in there was very little mumblechatter and a whole lot of huffing and puffing during the workout.  While the PAX were getting their legs blasted, the skinny little lady on the nike app was talking us through the workout like she was sipping tea.  Next time we will have to borrow the yoga mats from FiA.


Safe run lexington


Prayers  Brainiac’s recovery