• When: 2018-01-27
  • QIC: Cheddar
  • The PAX: Thumbs Up, Chedda, Quest, Granola, Floppy Disk, Rebar, Booster, Booger, Postal, Patches, Biebs, Boo, Watergate, Treadmill, Pepto, Olive Oil, Blah Blah, Boo Boo, Tailpipe, Cream Cheese, Seacrest, Good Hands (+13 more but the Q didn't keep great records this day)

XL Ultimate

**** Posted on behalf of Cheddar


35 PAX came out for a Cheddar Q at Graveyard to enjoy some friendly competition with flying Frisbees. YHC is belatedly posting this due to Cheddar’s inability (for whatever reason) and to ensure a BB is posted because that’s how we do things.

Conditions: 42 deg and cloudy

Disclaimer & prayer led by Cheddar

Top 5

  1. Cheddar needs a manicure – during froccer and trying to stop a Booster goal attempt  at point blank range, he lost his nail (and the feeling in his fingers for 20 mins)
  2. Great numbers – so many pax posted that we had to split up on two fields  (9v8 at practice field for froccer and 9v9 at stadium for UF)
  3. Extra Cheesy – we had Chedda, CheddaR & Cream Cheese post at the same AO
  4. XL ain’t for everyone – while we had 35 pax post for the 1st hour, only 24 stuck around and played for the last half hour at the stadium & left with noodles for legs.
  5. Granola needs a rule book – Granola played stifling defense only to find out he may have been a little over-eager. Love the hustle, G!


Closing prayer led by Cheddar

**** Great seeing all the guys from Turning Point and Detention make their way to Graveyard for Ultimate Saturday