• When: 2019-06-18
  • QIC: Pearl
  • The PAX: Spackle, Ranger, Netflix, Fast Casual, Rook, Boo, Spur, Weekend Special, Utah, Whisper, Caravan, Nature Boy, Danica, Bar Crawl, Say What, Dear Diary, Bondo, Wing Back, Blue Rhino, Boo Boo, Rumble Strip, Pearl (Cream Cheese for SL)

Who brings water balloons to a VQ?

Posted by Bar Crawl on behalf of Pearl

The Thang:
Intro, disclaimer, prayer

Circle up and count off

Warm up
SSH x 10 IC
TTT ( Through the Tunnel) x10
Windmill x10
Fail to Launch x10

Mosey to Basketball court
Count off in 3s
Groups of 3’s – 2 groups ran laps while 1 group did Brick exercises and rotated
Count off in 2s
Water Balloon Toss – PAX line up in two rows and one row was armed with water balloons. Toss the balloons back and forth until someone drops it, after which both partners ran two laps. This didn’t last long.

Dealer Choice. Boat Canoe – Don’t let Ranger do it again, Flutter Kicks, LBC’s – Spackle can’t count was learned, Merkins, Big Boy Sit ups, Imperial Walkers, etc
Impromptu Water balloon Fight- Spur clearly the winner / Youngest Pax

Mosey Back to Flag
Count off again


• Runvergence this Friday in honor of Cheech – https://twitter.com/ClayonMcCathern/status/1139891063630512128
• Ryan Rawl July 4th Event
• Crypt hosting Murph on July 4th

Our Pax’s
Our Pax’s Families
Spoken and UnSpoken Prayer

Words from the V-Q
Thank for the showering of support in coming to my 1st Q at a bootcamp workout. I hope I didn’t mess up to bad. As one person said “ Is Train Wreck one word or 2”. I truly had a great time. Now I am already hearing rumbling of me Q’ing again. I will not admit or deny it. I will say that I get my “Respect” in less than 60 days. I must say the Mumble chatter was in epic form today thanks to the F3 Brothers who wore matching outfits. ( Spackle and Ranger). You guys are the greatest. Wait till next Q……..

Thank you for the overwhelming support of all the PAX’s. This is one of the reasons why many men get up early and do insane activities. You guys are all true brothers to me. As I mentioned about picking up the 6. We learned today why NextFlex comes out and works out. As he stated “It filled a void”. We as PAX are here to help each other fill voids and pick each other up. As it is said in a POD cast- Leave no man behind and Leave no man where you found them. I want to offer 2 challenges to the 22 PAX that came out and anyone else that reads this back blast. 1- Find a Pax or someone that has not posted and encourage them to come to a work out. 2- Find a Pax that you want mentor for the workout, week, or longer and help make them better in any aspect you feel comfortable (emotional or physical).