• When: 2017-09-21
  • QIC: Happy Trees
  • The PAX: Parks,n Rec, Tongue n Groove, Honcho, Caboose, Hollywood, Ace, Puck, Plug, Spewey, Beta, Nub, Pole Cat, Cinco De Mayo, Doodle, Matlock, Camelback, Babe, Shankopotamus(RESPECT), Wino, Urkel, Danger Mouse, Belding, Happy Trees

What a bunch of Monkey Humpers

With the excitement of the new PAX continuing to come to Smokehouse, YHC wanted to deliver a close knit beatdown this morning so we could experience some memorable mumblechatter. Nothing like some good monkey humper strokes, err….I mean jokes, to keep them coming back for more. It was good to see Beta still getting the work in with some minor groin issues. YHC has that problem sometimes too. I think Hollywood has an ointment for that, or so Parks n’ Rec told me.

It is a very amazing feeling to welcome men to the group, especially when they take the DRP and  keep coming back. Nothing but joy is gained from sharing some pain in the gloom with each other. It is just as amazing feeling when guys who haven’t been coming or able to come for a while post. It is like rocket fuel after using fumes to get out of the fartsack… get it? These morning fellowships have been keeping us going for over a year now and each day we gather around that flag feels better or equal to the first to YHC. Thanks for getting me in the best place mentally I may have ever been men, cheers.

Conditions: Steamy enough to cook up some man soup.

DISCLAIMER (emphasis on modification technique)


COP: SSH x20 IC, TTT x15 IC, Windmill x 15 IC, LBAC F/R x10 IC, OHC x10 IC, Morning Wood 5 each arm OYO.

THE THANG:  YHC marked off 3 boxes with cones. Each box was roughly 15ydx15yd for some tight 4 corner action. This was in anticipation of the 23 PAX that posted this morning. Split into 3 groups.

Round 1: Broad jump corner to corner, 10 squats at first cone, then 20, 30, 40 at following cones. Repeat and count down if completed before time’s up. (harder modify option, Burpee Broad Jump/Jump Squat)

Round 2: Bear Crawl corner to corner, 5 merkins at first cone, then 10, 15, 20 at following cones. Repeat until time was called. (harder option, Bear Crawl/ Diamond Merkin)

Round 3: Crab Crawl corner to corner, 10 two-count American Hammers at first cone, then 20, 30, 40 at following cones.  RECOVER

Move to goal line and form two lines for some double Tunnels of Love ( definitely not tunnels of accurate line formation). RECOVER

Circle up tight for some Ring of Fire

Round 1: Al Gore while waiting on each PAX to lay down 10 Monkey Humpers.

Round 2: Plank while waiting for 2 Merkins from each PAX (reduced to time constraint)

Round 3: GUANTANAMO!! (with 23 PAX)




(thanks for the cones Urkel)

Count O Rama

Name O Rama


Announcements: Lego Q 9/23, Mission Coming 9/30-7:30 am, SOAR 10K/5K Trail
Run 10/21. WEST SIDE Expansion starting next week-Possible Clown Car to be there (Nub will get details).

Prayer Request: Hurricane and Earthquake victims/ relief workers, Honcho’s father-in-law, Bouknight family, Hollywood’s and Puck’s family in Mexico City.