• When: 2018-09-27
  • QIC: Happy Trees
  • The PAX: Caboose, Nub, Hollywood, Urkel, Rabbi, Wino, Stay Puff, Puck, Happy Trees

Smoke em’ if you got em’!

The Smoker finally made it around and allowed the men of Smokehouse to partake in all of its glory. You are welcome for the introduction Rabbi, strong work. Strong work from all! The accumulated sweat could have drowned two elephants. (If you poured it into two separate elephant sized bowls and dunked their heads in it…wait, they can breathe through the trunk. That won’t work) Correction, we could not have drowned two elephants, possibly a couple of chickens…and we were missing a couple of those. Polecat was sweat and water logged enough for all of us through the night. Thanks for what you do brother!!


Conditions: Wet and well lit.




The Thang:

The Smoker.


ok, ok I will explain.

Smokehouse runs a route in the stadium that takes you on a journey of toll boths to make your Painments too. You are stuck on this route for 35 minutes just accumulating as many laps as possible. Each exercise station is numbered so when you are done you can have for example 4 laps and 3 stations or 4.3. Reps increase by 1 each station for every lap.

Marker 1 is 5 Burpees, down stadium stairs over, passing marker 2 and up stairs for

marker 3 which is 5 MORE BURPEES!!! Down stadium stairs passing marker 4 and head to corner of end zone to greet marker 5 with 20 Merkins. Run short side to corner for marker 6’s 20 2 count flutter kicks. Run the outside line to the 50 yd line for marker 7’s 20 LBC’s. Run to corner of end zone for 20 American Hammers at marker 8. Run the short side to next corner for 20 squats and earn your next marker. Up the stadium stair to station 1 and repeat, repeat, repeat…until TIME.


Count O Rama,

Name O Rama


Praise and Prayer:

Praise for Alanna Thompson, Prayers continuing for Caleb Adams, Prayers for our neighbors in the up state affected by the storms and flooding!



Volunteer to feed the football team Friday.

Hairy Bison, Nov 17

Christmas Party