• When: 2018-09-13
  • QIC: Deadstick
  • The PAX: Honey Bun (R), Farmer, Harp (R), Pups (R), Deadstick (R)

Walking the Bear at SnakePit

Conditions: Starry skies, with a shooting star during warmup, but a muggy 75 degrees.

The Thang:
No FNG’s

Warmup – We moseyed to the block pile and grabbed a block on the way to the warmup area. YHC didn’t want to disappoint the PAX, so I kept the burpees in the warmup.  Just did 10 reps of each exercise to keep it short.

  • Through the Tunnel (1 Burpee)
  • Windmill (2 Burpees)
  • Side Straddle Hop (3 Burpees)
  • Little Baby Arm Circles (15 Fwd, almost forgot the 15 Rev. – 4 Burpees)
  • Overhead Clap – (5 Burpees)
  • 8 Count Turn & Bounce – (6 Burpees)
  • Imperial Walker – (7 Burpees)
  • Squats – (8 Merkins)
  • Flutterkicks – (9 Burpees)
  • Silver & Gold (Stolen from Roanoke) – (10 Burpees)

Walking the Bear!

With the small group, just had one group of two and one group of three for the bear walk. One PAX would farmers carry the two blocks while the other would bear crawl 50 yards, hence the term “Walking the Bear”. After 50 yards the PAX would do an ab exercise, then switch positions for the next 50 yards. At each stop the PAX did 15 reps of 4-count ab exercises OYO as follows:

  • Midfield: 15 LBC’s
  • Far Goal Line: 15 BBSU
  • Midfield: 15 Freddy Mercury’s
  • Near Goal Line: 15 Iron Crosses
  • Midfield: 15 Heel Touches
  • Far Goal Line: 15 Reverse Crunches
  • Midfield: 15 American Hammers
  • Near Goal Line: 15 Pickle Pointers

Mosey back to the block pile and put up the blocks. We had a few minutes left after putting up the blocks, so since this is SnakePit there have to be some stairs. The PAX ran up and down the stairs, then back up to the flag.


Prayer Requests:

  • All those evacuated or providing shelter, first responders
  • Brainiac & Carley
  • 6-foot Under & Family


  • Saturday – Wait & see on workouts – Hurricane Ultimate Frisbee???