• When: 2017-09-26
  • QIC: IM
  • The PAX: TurnBuckle, Bouchè, Overage, Dozer, Trackhoe, Trickle, CaddyShack, NavyBean, IM

Visit by a brother from another mother

9 Pax did the harder thing and posted to from an across campus visitor.

Weather: 70 clear


The Workout:

Line up on the goal line:

Move to the 5 complete 5 burpees
Move to the 10 complete 10 push-ups
Move to the 15 complete 15 Squats
Move to the 20 complete 20 Burpees
Move to the 25 complete 25 push-ups
Move to the 30 complete 30 Squats
R&R to the 50 then low plank as long as possible (when you have to put a knee down pickup the 6)

Start at the 50 work to the goal line the same way with:
Shoulder Taps
Jump Squats

Grab a partner and leap frog; every 10 yards stop and complete 10 Burpees each.
Travel a total of 100 yards

LBACx10 (for overage)

5 Burpees OYO

Total Burpees completed: 225

Prayer Request:

Navy Beans Brother

-Whiskers for Wheels
-F3/FiA tailgate this Friday for Lexington/River Bluff footballl
-October starts Bring the Ruckus challenge to the Hollow. All hardest Q’s will be presenting their best.
-P200 registration is on. Form or find a team. Say What is the QIC
-Red October, New AO launches: https://www.f3midlands.com/lexington-sc/preblast-red-october-grow-big-or-go-home
10/3 – New Providence Elem
10/5 – Deerfield Elem
10/10 – Rocky Creek Elem
-11/11 – John Flanagan Memorial 10K
-12/15 – F3/FiA Christmas Party