• When: 2017-09-30
  • QIC: Ocho Cinco
  • The PAX: Overnight

Two for the price of none

We had a visitor from “The Bones of the Yard” this am to get better. We took it easy and chatted it up during another round of “X-men”.

Conditions: Clear


Mosey around the parking lot with a few butt kicks and some high knees.  We huddled up in the middle to warm up.

Warm up:
-15 LBAC
-15 Reversed LBAC
-15 Windmill
-15 Through the Tunnel

We mosyed to the first entrance of the baseball fields to begin our mission.   We had 8 pain stations within the “X” starting with at the entrance with 10 Burpees.  We Lunged the sidewall and did 15 Imperial Walkers. Then we Bear Crawled to the cantina and mosyed around to other side into some Karaoke to the end of the side walk where we did 15 Merkins OYO.  We Lunged to the end of the walk trough between the diamonds and did 15 Squats.  We ran around the first diamond and this repeated itself until we completed the “X-Men” symbol once again.

We had some time left over so we took it to the track for one last lap of good times.