• When: 2018-06-28
  • QIC: Bar Crawl
  • The PAX: PickItUp, Columbo, Dinghy, Glow Rod, T-Spot, Etch-a-Sketch, Yellawood, Bar Crawl

Trade you some corn for a Q

Etch-a-Sketch is at home, spending countless hours per day preparing for his Jumanji VQ on June 28th. Running through his weinke over and over again, trying out all the exercises to ensure his time his exact.  Then his phone buzzes.

Tuesday, June 26th. Alter Boy wakes up in a cold sweat with the realization that he has HCed for the #MidlandsTour on the VERY same day that Etch-a-Sketch has his VQ.  Now not many PAX love a good VQ like AB, so he can’t stand idly by while  this happens. He hops out of bed, whips out his phone, and let’s E-a-S know that there’s no way he’s dropping a VQ without AB in attendance, therefore he’s being rescheduled. E-a-S whimpers softly while staring at his weinke.

YHC’s phone buzzes on the countertop as I look to see a new message from my old pal Alter Boy.  He’s made the call to the bullpen and a Q is needed at Jumani for Thursday.  YHC thinks back to the previous weekend when AB stopped by the house and dropped off a giant bag of fresh sweet corn and how delicious it was when it came off the grill.  Figuring the least I could do to pay him back was grab an open Q spot, I obliged, which got us to here.

71 with a slight breeze


Mosey around the parking lot to an open spot on the playground and circle up

20 SSHs
1 burpee OYO
20 Windmills
2 burpees OYO
20 TTT
3 burpees OYO
20 Imperial Walkers
4 burpees OYO
20 Big Arm Circle
5 burpees OYO

Run around the parking lot while a few late stragglers (who missed their burpees) showed up
Once you reach the light pole, bear crawl to the yellow curb
There the PAX found a list of 10 exercises
Partner up and one PAX runs a lap around the parking lot (approx 1/4 mile) while your partner performs AMRAP of each exercise.
When partner returns, flapjack
We made it through 8 laps (2 miles total) before time was called
Lap 1: Mountain Climbers
Lap 2: Big Boy Situps
Lap 3: Monkey Humpers
Lap 4: Heel Touches
Lap 5: Gorilla Squats
Lap 6: Crab Jacks
Lap 7: American Hammers
Lap 8: Hand Release Merkins
Lap 9: Freddie Mercuries
Lap 10: Calf Raises



God’s Helping Hands – See AB for more info
Stomp the Swamp 5K (August 28th) – registration open now
Sweet Baby O 5K (August 4th) – registration open now
John Flanagan Memorial 10K (November) – registration open now

Columbo’s Job Search
Dinghy’s friend’s dad Jimmy in ICU


It’s been a while since I’ve been to Jumanji, so it was great to get back out and especially meet some of the new faces! Got some great things going on out at Howard Park. All it takes is bringing one FNG, who brings another FNG, who brings another, and so on… A lot of hard work was put in by each and every PAX!