• When: 2017-09-25
  • QIC: Chinstrap
  • The PAX: Ken Doll, Ponzi, Quisenberry, Wood Chipper, Cowbell, Whino, Chedda, Honeybun, Chinstrap

The Viper is UP for the Challenge!

Nine men made it out for the weekly running of the Viper. This test of endurance never fails to challenge those who dare to “step” up. While there was a bit of confusion about where we were supposed to meet up to start, the two groups eventually found one another at the Big Boy Steps for a little beep test fun and some procedural clarification from our AOQ, Chinstrap. Once everyone had the proper breakdown… we all pretty much still did our own thing. When time was called, maximum effort had been expended, and WORK had been done.

NOTE: Six of the nine men in attendance today were specifically there to complete day one of the Fall Chedda Challenge. Day two will take us to Shawshank for the monthly running of the Slammer. Hopefully all six (and many more) will be there.

Here’s an idea of (some of) what we did:
* LOTS of hand-release merkins (at the bottom of EVERY set of steps)
* A BUNCH of flutter kicks (at the top of the OUTSIDE steps)
* JUST AS MANY american hammers (at the top of the inside steps)
* A BAJILLION steps (up AND down)

* Tailgate for Lexington/River Bluff football game @ 6:00 this Friday at LHS – Breezeway by LTC – BYOD/BYOM – FiA/F3/Family event
* Three upcoming October AO Launches – NPES (Name TBD) on 10/3 at 5:15, DES (The Stand) on 10/5 at 5:00, RCES on 10/10 (Name TBD) at 5:15 – EH guys in those areas
* Snake Pit closed on 10/5 – converge at The Stand
* John Flanagan Memorial 10k – November 11
* Christmas Party – 12/15

* All areas damaged by hurricanes (Puerto Rico, Houston, Florida, etc.)
* Spackle – continued healing following pacemaker
* Recall – in Brazil on a work trip – safe travels
* Flanagan Family