• When: 05/23/15
  • QIC: Honey Bun
  • The PAX: Harp, Yippee, (FNG) Luigi, HoneyBun

The Long way to the Big Boy Stairs

Written by and posted on behalf of HoneyBun

YHC didn’t have much time to plan this Q so he pulled from several previous workouts leaving out the good and using the bad and the ugly. Three pax joined YHC for a scenic trip around the campus stopping at several locations to enjoy the scenery.

Weather: just right


The Thang

Mosey around the school and made several pit stops.
1st stop:
5 Spiderman Merkins OYO

2nd stop:
5 Spiderman Merkins OYO

3rd stop:
20 IW IC
5 Spiderman Merkins OYO

4th stop:
Basketball court for some sprints and Spiderman Merkins. 10 yards out and back and 5 Spiderman Merkins. Repeat adding 10 yards each time out to 60 yards and 5 Spiderman Merkins each round.

5th stop:
20 LBAC IC 10 fwd, 10 rev
5 Spiderman Merkin’s OYO

6th stop: The brick pile
10 block overhead presses IC
10 brick overhead presses IC
10 block curls IC
10 brick curls IC
10 block triceps extensions IC
10 brick triceps extensions IC
10 block kettle bell swings IC
10 brick flies IC
5 Spiderman Merkins
Rinse and repeat

7th stop: tires on the lower field
3 different size tires on the field, each pax flip once and switch tires until all 3 tires are on the other side of the field

8th stop: the track
Run one lap stopping at each corner for 5 Merkins

9th stop: stadium stairs 10 LBC’S at the top and 5 Merkins at the bottom. 2 rounds on both sets of steps.

10th stop: the big boy stairs alternate bunny hops and lungees to the top.




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