• When: 2018-01-17
  • QIC: Half Sack
  • The PAX: Half Sack Wapner Ponzi Dunphy Bar Crawl

The Hunt For The Abominable Snowman

5 pax braved the great blizzard of 2018 to better themselves and hunt for the Abominable Snowman

Counted off, Prayed up and took off

40ishº and overcast

Left out of the parking lot onto West Main Street.  Right on 378.  Fork right on Dreher Street.  Fork right on Harmon Street.  Right on Azalea Drive.  Left on North Lake Drive.  Right into Virginia Hilton Park.  Left on Maiden Lane.  Up stairs to Icehouse.  Finish.

2.67ish Miles

Counted off, prayed for safe travels and took off.  Was some chatter about CWP’s, GoRuck event and the ever fast approaching GrowRuck event.

Going to change this one up a little in honor of Gremlin.  Let your pax know about any heart / health issues you may have.  A backblast on Gremlin’s post said that no one knew of anything…so, there’s always the chance of a real “accident” but keep everyone in the loop on your health issues.  Also, do yourself a favor and visit the cardiologist every once in a while.  We need to make sure our ticker is ticking properly.

• All unspoken prayer requests
• Pearl (recovering from rotator cuff surgery)
• Brainiac (gout / toe pain)
• Gremlin Family (Gremlin suffered a heart attack after Q-ing 01/13)
• Picasso

• GrowSchool (01/27 AM) • Open to everyone
• GrowRuck (01/27 PM)
• MGC Run (didn’t catch the date)
• Lighthouse For Life 5K (didn’t catch the date)
• Thirsty Thursday (didn’t catch the date) • To benefit Camp Kemo