• When: 2020-09-05
  • QIC: AB
  • The PAX: Inuit, Columbo, Handlebar, Papagiorgio, Hugo

The Herd takes a trip down Memory Lane

6 members of #TheHerd assembled on a great weather morning with the slightest touch of fall in the air when the wind blew on Saturday morning. With the 6th anniversary of Jumanji this coming week, YHC felt like taking the pax for a trip down Memory Lane to honor some of the AO-Qs of The Herd with some of the exercises they are most known for.



Mosey to canteen

The Thang

Windmills x 10
Hillbillies x 10
Imperial Walkers x 10
Slo-mo Squats x 10
Thru the tunnel x 10
LBACs Forward x 10
LBACs Backward x 10
Overhead arm claps x 10
Raise the Roof x 10
Michael Phelps x 10

Sweet 16:
16 Squats
8 ‘Mercans
4 Crunches
Lap around canteen
Plank on 6

Elite 8:
8 Dips
4 Turkish getups
2 Burpees
Lap around canteen
Plank on 6

Final Four:
4 8-count Man Makers
2 Big Boy sit-ups
Lap around canteen
Plank on 6

Championship Game:
32 SSH
16 Squats
8 Dips
4 ‘Mercans
2 Turkish getups
1 8-count Man Maker
1 Burpee
Lap around canteen
Plank on 6

Miranda stretches

Double Fault
Block work / Carry between each set
Goblin squats
Overhead presses
Bent-over rows

Plank/Plank Jacks
Squat Hold/Squat
To the tune of Snake Farm

1-minute mayhem
Imperial Walkers
Calf raises
Flutter kicks

Rinse & Repeat

1 Siren Alert (10 burpees)

Mosey back to Shovel Flag

Hello Dolly x 15
Bicycles x 15
Russian Twists x 15
Boat / Canoe



Moleskin: It was fun remembering back on the AOQs of Jumanji and some of their “Greatest Hits” exercises. Some of the newer pax commented on enjoying a “history lesson” of our beloved AO. We’ve had great leadership over the years, are under great leadership now, and have pax that will provide great leadership into the future.


100% coffeeteria at Brunches

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