• When: 2018-09-28
  • QIC: Kukoc
  • The PAX: Long Haul, Escobar, Short Haul, Brita, Po, Pups, Ken Doll, MacGruber, Pickle

The Friday Masses

Conditions: Low 70’s with a high dew point
Count off

YHC has been blessed over the years now that I’ve been running with the men of Stride in F3Lexington for some great coincidences.  As the seasons are transitioning it seems so are the training programs of the pax.  Tweeter was a buzz of requests for running mates and outlines of extended long runs which made YHC think it must be time to make up some missed miles.  I was unaware of when Ken Doll was showing up but it happened to be at the same time YHC arrived for some XL.  No man should have to run alone and we enjoyed an early 6.  Since the Q sheet has been looking unloved, YHC was all set to run the BRR route but the legs were tiring and the pax apparently were looking forward to a Friday Target run.  Those poor puppies!

XL – Turn L, Turn R, Turn L, Turn R, Turn L, Turn L, Turn L, Turn R, Turn L, Turn R, Turn R, Turn L, Turn L, Turn L, Straight, Turn L, Spot Short Haul, Turn R, Turn R, Turn L, Turn L, Turn R, Turn R and back to The Flag in time to count off and run again.

Route –
North on Lake Drive, Right on 378 to Target, touch the sign and retrace your steps back to the Shovel Flag.

There was more excitement guessing L or R but the simplicity of down and back closed out the week perfectly.  Now, that the week has ended let’s bring back some of the mumble chatter that comes from guessing L or R and sign up to lead.

Cheech 10K/Lexington Half – Nov 10
F3 Mentors – A growing opportunity to serve your community
Hairy Bison/Harbison 100 – upcoming and great time for trail running


Prayer Requests
Hampton Shultz
Tiger Blood