• When: 02-24-2018
  • QIC: Columbo
  • The PAX: Inuit, Columbo.

The Few. The Proud. #theherd

While a majority of the Jumanji PAX participate in that CSAUP event called the Dam to Dam 2 PAX did the usual, and less CSAUP, boot camp work out on a cloudy 62 degree Saturday morning.

Disclaimer and opening prayer

The Thang:  Mosey to the middle school to the parking lot which conveniently serves as a figure 8 parking lot.  Warm up with SSH, 5 merkins, windmill, 5 merkins, imperial walkers, 5 merkins, etc.  Go to benches 5 iron crosses.  Run to the middle of figure 8 10 iron crosses.  Run to outer part of figure 8 15 iron crosses.  Run back to middle 10 iron crosses.  Run back to start point 5 iron crosses.  Mosey back up to the park select a block for remainder of work out.  Start at the middle of parking loop.  5 squats with block.  Carry block to the upper part of parking lot 10 squats.  Carry block to middle 15 squats.  Carry block to lower part of parking lot 10 squats.  Carry block to start point 5 squats.  Rinse and repeat doing toe taps; IC, curls for the girls, flutter kicks; IC, alternating lunges.  Put blocks back and imperial walk to the virtual shovel flag for a few round of merry (Ray Charles, LBCs, flutter kicks, reverse crunch, hello dolly.  RECOVER

Announcements: Convergence next Saturday at River Bluff.

Prayer Requests:  Dam to Dam participants.  Prom Night’s brother in ICU after accident.  Mary for her husband’s health.

Dismiss to coffieteria where there was 100% participation.