• When: 2018-08-16
  • QIC: Contra
  • The PAX: Slushee, Columbo, Whittle, Loose Nut, King James, and Inuit

Sweatin’ with Contra Pt 2

Prayer and Disclaimer

-Mosey half way around parking lot to COP (15 each IC)

Mercans, squats, TTT, LBAC fwd/bwkd, LBC

-The thang:

 At Legoland, each pax collected a duplo or 2 long legos for X Marks the Spot.

X Marks the Spot: Slowsy to cantina with coupons. At each corner, perform 10ea OYO: brick/block mercan, goblin squats, block swings, and BBSU. In between each corner of cantina, mosey to fence for 20ea OYO: mercans, squats, LBC, Carolina Dry Docks. Performed at/from each corner of cantina, ending at 1st corner (i.e. 2 sets at 1st corner)

-Return duplos/long legos to Legoland

-Mosey back to shovel-flag

-Merry: each done IC

Plank, Nolan Ryan R x5, Nolan Ryan L x5, flutter kicks x15, box-cutters x15


Announcements: Jumanji will converge with the Mission BC on Saturday (0830-0915)

Prayer Requests: 

-Slushee having lunch with biological mother (5 years since last face-to-face) on Monday, 8-20-18

-Inuit – 4 year anniversary of mother passing

-Robber, Clam Digger, Enterprise, Choo Choo