• When: 2018-12-27
  • QIC: Sundrop
  • The PAX: Kenwood, Mercy Rule, Trickle, Irrev, Overage, Shine, Sundrop

Sundrop drops the pain at his VQ

(written by Sundrop, posted by Kenwood on his behalf)

CAT was looking for pax to sign up to Q. I figured I’d have to step up one day so I took the Q for the day.

Weather 38



Tha Thing

Money to block pile on Lower field and grab a block.

Warm up
SSH X 15
TTT X 15
IW X 15
15 burpees on your own

Round one
Line up on goal line with block. After each rep bear crawl to cone (10 Yards) do 5 merkins and bear crawl back to block.
15 OHP
12 CFG
work your way back up to 15 alternating exercises

Round Two
Line up on goal line with block. After each set lunge to cone (20 Yards) and do Five 3 count mountain climbers and lunge back to block

15 sumo squats
12 sumo squats
9 sumo squats
6 sumo squats
3 sumo squats
And work your way back to 15.

Return block and mosey to planter box.

Planter box
Dips sets of 10,8,6,4,2
Step ups 20 each leg
6 burpees.

Mosey to parking lot for all the pax to each choose an ab exercise.

8 minutes of abs

Back to flag.



Next year Christmas party
Kendoll 5 year post at urban legend tomorrow

Prayer request
All pax going through a tough time this time of the year.
Wells family.

Pledge of allegiance