• When: 2018-08-20
  • The PAX: Hanging Chad, Good Hands, No Help, Baconator, Toe-Ring, Nailpop, Milli Vanilli, Forrest, Ringo, Bulldog


Got the call to the bullpen to run the show at Stomp this morning….so this has historically been our little hidden AO sprint morning for those that do not prefer distance, love a soft surface, jam out to some motivational tunes, and cram it all into 45 minutes.  So, Baconator asked for the Sprint Q at Stomp this morning.

YHC continues to be amazed at the speed displayed by his F3 Lex Brothers.  YHC is usually always the last to finish each sprint and certainly needs the rest in between to keep up with these dudes.  But, everybody makes everybody better.  The day Hanging Chad takes the whistle….well, that won’t be a fun day.  There is already talk of 4 sets of 15 and 3 sets of 20.  Yikes!

Here’s the work that was done:

5 sets of 10 100-yarders.  Everybody starts each sprint together.

We get them done as a group in 45 minutes.  After each set of 10, the group gets a rest of 90-120 seconds.

Everybody was super impressive this morning.  Absolutely love seeing it all left on the field and dudes crashed out on their backs after this workout.  It’s a buttkicker for sure.

Nailpop stole the show this morning…and he is on record as saying “I still can’t open it up all the way.  My hammies and groin would pull.”  Thanks for creating a breeze next to me all morning, Nailpop!

Great work dudes!


Stomp the Swamp this Saturday

Stomp the Swamp preview this Wed morning at Stomp!

Prayer requests:

Our Teachers, administrators, and students this week

All of our marriages


No Help got fired up during “Enter Sandman” this morning

Good Hands showed up with 5 seconds to spare and kept asking, which number is this one?

We missed you PYT, Clipboard, and Tumbler!  And Shank & Wiggles!