• When: 2020-01-21
  • QIC: Nub
  • The PAX: Happy Trees, TnG, Shankopotomus-R, Pullout, Wilson, Hollywood, Stay Puff, Swayze, Blockhead, Kracker, Wino, Nub

Sprints and Big Boy Blocks to warm the nips

Twas a wee bit nipply in the gloom of Smokehouse this morning with my temp gauge registering at 27, good thing we weren’t working out at Wilson’s house where the Hibernia arctic blast cooled him down to 26 or so his ACE hardware thermometer said.  4 for SL including a one lapper by Swayze, just long enough to get all his gas out before the real work began.  Glad to have Wilson’s two sons, Blockhead and Kracker back with us, always pulling in the proper entrance as usual!  Pullout finally rejoined us after his jet-setting travels over the past couple weeks.  Now with all those pleasantries out of the way, Lets Git R Done!

1min warning, Disclaimer, Prayer

As much as I hate it, about the easiest was to warm up is to run so we took a traveling COP mosey up to my favorite place the top of campus stopping at the flagpole for SSH IC.   Continue mosey and Circle up around the lighted BLHS sign and wait for some cars…didn’t take long and we treated them to some Monkey Humpers, Smurfjacks and Gorilla Squats.  This is always YHC’s attempt at marketing F3 to the passerbyers (you know they want to show one morning to see what all the crazyness is about).  After showing off to the local early morning traffic we met over at the top entrance and YHC explained that we’d take this party down to Hash Hill and to get there we’d mosey to first light pole then SPRINT to the next one then mosey then SPRINT and you get the picture until we arrived at the top of HH.  On your 6 and pumped out Heel Taps x 20 IC to allow for a little breath catching before the decent into the abyss.  Down the hill we went and while at the bottom the leftover stack of double cinder blocks from the softball dugout construction project were calling our names.  Partner up and grab one BBB (Big Boy Block). P1 will run to first speed bump back up hill and back while P2 will AMRAP Chest presses w/ BBB, Rinse and repeat until each Pax had lifted and run 5 times.  Recover.  Now all Pax grab a BBB and head to middle of softball parking lot, line up horizontally and do 10 bent over rows then Cusak block to edge of parking lot and back, Rinse and Repeat for 5 rounds.  BBB‘s up and Happy Trees got to pick the number on how we’d return to the SF, 1 would be back up HH and 2 would be down the sloppy spooky trail.  Luck was on our side this morning (I guess)…back up the hill we went, stopping at the top for 50 LBC‘s and 25 2ct FlutterKicks. Mosey back to SF and line up on wall for 2 mins of People’s Chair in various positions.  Time called.

Count/Name O Rama

Announcements:  2nd F trip to Axe throwing Feb. 8th–contact Swayze if interested

Prayer requests: Hollywood’s friend Rick-no cancer but needs a liver transplant, Sandra Corder, Christie Dawkins, Jerry Fowler all battling cancer. Swayze’s aunt suffered stroke and the Yarborough family in the recent passing of Rick.


Until next time #MSGA

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