• When: 01/31/15
  • QIC: Columbo
  • The PAX: Ginger, Ramblin Wrek, Quisenberry,

Spring Training?

The first MLB teams report for spring training in roughly 18 days. 4 members of Jumanji got started on spring training with a workout utilizing a baseball field.

Conditions 26 degrees



Mosey around the parking lot high knees, butt kicks to the beginning of the rubber track

  • 20 SS hops in cadence
  • 20 Imperial Walkers in cadence
  • 20 through the tunnel in cadence

Mosey down the rubber track through the gloom (wooded area)

  • Little arm circles 10 forward and 10 backward in cadence
  • 20 windmills in cadence

Mosey to the baseball field far left field foul pole

  • 5 squats, sprint to first light pole, 5 merkins sprint to second light pole, 5 iron crosses, sprint to other foul pole, 5 LBC, sprint to backstop 20 calf raises, sprint to left field foul pole and repeat the exercises increasing the reps by 5 for each set up to 20 reps and decreasing by back to 5.

Mosey to the concession stand building

  • 1 minute of peoples chair
  • 1 minute balls to the wall
  • 20 toe taps, in cadence, on the picnic tables.

Mosey to the brick pile select 2 bricks.

  • 20 curls for the girls in cadence
  • 20 shoulder presses in cadence
  • 20 bent over rows in cadence

Russian twist with a twist 10 in cadence with 2 bricks, drop one brick 10 more in cadence, drop other brick 10 more in cadence

  • 20 flutter kicks in cadence
  • 20 reverse crunches in cadence

As always with Columbo as Q the Pax were under siren alert, however no sirens were heard during the workout (if siren is heard 10 stop current exercise and perform 10 burpees).

Announcements:  Mud Run registration starts 02/01/2015 and runs all month.  Convergence next Saturday at #Snakepit for a pre 5K workout before the GO Run 5K.

After a closing prayer the pax dismissed to coffieeteria at Carolina Cafe where Tuff Guy, Alter Boy and Top bunk joined the pax after they did a 10 mile run



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