• When: 2018-04-05
  • QIC: Icarus
  • The PAX: Honeybun (Respect), Siskel (Respect), Farmer, Icarus

Spring Break

***Posted on behalf of Icarus***

The morning of my 4th Q, only three men are in the parking lot.  My workout was meant for a large group and an even number of people, so I started to find ways to improvise. Lucky for me Syskil showed up at 5:16 am. Needless to say I did not have to improvise.  The workout was very quiet compared to usual, but it fit perfectly because the dark, quiet and stars make for a peaceful workout.  Of course the workout would not have gone as well if it was not for the three good men who showed up.


A dark and quiet morning with the usual star and a tad cold,

Disclaimer and Prayer

Warm Up:

-Through the Tunnel (Cadence) 10 ct

-10 Merkins

-Little Baby Armcircles (Cadence) 10 ct forwards then then 10ct backwards

-Overhead claps (Cadence) 10 ct

-Thumb Raises (Cadence) 10ct

-Little Baby Crunches OYOx10

-Windmills (Cadence) 10ct

-Indian Run around the track


The Workout

Count off in ones and twos

Mosey to Block Pile (only one partner grab a block)[1]

-50 thruster (w/ block)

-200 American Hammers

-120 Merkins


-120 Bench Press (w/ block)

-50 tricep extension (w/ block)

– 80 sit-ups (w/ block)

– Switch

-Return Blocks to block pile

[1] The pair of men must complete the number of exercises together.  One partner will do the exercise while the other runs to the 50 yard line and back. They then switch, then rinse and repeat until they achieve set number.


[2] -both partners lunge walk until they meet the 50 yard line.  One partner will lunge 25 yards with the block and then will hand the block off to the other partner

Count and Name O_RAMA


4/6-Baketball at Lexington Baptist Church

4/7- Shawshank Convergence (Frisbee and workout)

3rd f5 5k- Timmerman Trail (see Eric Bopp’s (Mac) Page)

Brew Ruck (end of April)

Dads Camp

BRR training is starting