• When: 02/21/15
  • QIC: Columbo
  • The PAX: Ramblin' Wrek, Inuit, Malfunction Junction, Ginger

Siren Alert/Spring Training

It was with great pleasure that Columbo accepted the Q from Malfunction Junction today as he had been on an all night 20 mile Ruck.  As always when Columbo has the Q the PAX were under Siren Alert (if a siren is heard stop current exercise and perform 10 burpees on your own).  Columbo had the Q on a few previous occasions, all under Siren Alert, however his trademark Siren Alert prophesy would not be fulfilled until today when one was heard toward the end of the workout.  “That felt like 20 burpees” said Inuit.”  There would be no lollygagging and Columbo felt a great sense of accomplishment as the purpose of the Siren Alert is to honor the brave first responders who risk their lives to protect and serve the public and to work toward making our communities a safer place to work and live.

Meanwhile MLB pitcher and catchers are in full swing.  Position players will be reporting as well in the days to come.  One of the baseball fields was utilized in this morning’s workout.

Weather: clear and 30 degrees ( a heat wave compared to the previous couple of days).

Disclaimer and opening prayer

Mosey around the parking lot.  High knees and butt kicks

Mosey to the start of the track that goes around the complex and Northside Middle School

  • 20 SS hops in cadence
  • 20 imperial walkers in cadence

Mosey to the left hand turn of track

  • 20 windmills in cadence
  • 20 through the tunnel in cadence

Mosey into the gloom (wooded area of track)

  • Pick a tree for the people’s tree.  Approximately 1 minute with arms out up and out etc.

Mosey to the left field foul pole for a ladder type workout:

  • Sprint/run/jog around the edge of the fence to first light pole 5 merkins
  • Sprint/run/jog to next light pole lay on back 5 iron crosses
  • Sprint/run/jog to right field foul pole 5 LBCs
  • Sprint/run/jog to back stop behind home plate 20 calf raises
  • Sprint/run/jog to left field flag pole and plank until all PAX complet the phase.

Do above circuit increasing the reps of each exercise by 5 all the way up to 25 and back down to 5.  This adds up to 125 total reps of merkins, iron crosses and LBCs and 180 calf raises.

Plank position with one arm up, left arm up, right leg up, left leg up etc. and low plank.

  • Fast walk to brick pile for PAX choice.  Along the way the siren alert prophesy came about as one was heard in the distance (10 burpees).
  • Napalms 20 in cadence
  • Curls for the girls 15 in cadence
  • shoulder shrugs 20 in cadence
  • Russian twist 20 in cadence
  • Hold bricks out to side until last man drops his
  • Mosey half of the parking lot and back with your bricks

And recover.


  1. T claps for Malfunction Junction for doing a 20 mile ruck all night and then joining The Heard at Jumanji.
  2. Mud Run registration up and running
  3. Pammetto 200 training runs in progress
  4. Other 5 K events upcoming.

The Pax closed in prayer and all except 1 adjourned to Carolina Cafe for coffeeteria.


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