• When: 2017-11-21
  • QIC: Scotch
  • The PAX: JJ, Bouche, Dozer, Navy Bean, Overage, Mercy Rule

Scotch brings gifts and ruins your handshake

7 pax pulled up, bundled up, and were fired up at CAT this morning.  In total transparency, YHC donated some bricks, but going to get them was the extent of the weinke.  There was a slight plan, but YHC wasnt exactly feeling strong this morning so modifications were made.

Disclaimer and Prayer

Weather:  35 degrees, minimal wind

Mosey to YHC’s truck and grab a pair of man bricks…or pavers as the Home Depot employees called them.  YHC wanted to have a heavier option for the CAT and Hollow pax.  Quickly, we all realized these bricks are awkward and heavy, and our grips would suffer…hopefully hand shakes were few and far between during the business day.

Circle up on the basketball field (would have to be there to get it).

SSH x20, no bricks

Thrusters x15 IC

Merkins x10 IC

Tricep extensions x15 IC

Chest press x20 IC

Line up on goal line and partner up.  The next exercises would involve one partner going about 20 yards while the other partner does an exercise.  We had a goal of the amount of reps for each exercise.  YHC isnt going to attempt to recall what the rep counts were.  Lets be honest, none of the above/below will be very accurate.  Plank-o-rama between exercises to relieve your hands from the gripping of the bricks.

P1 – bear crawl with bricks to marker and back.  P2 – curls for the girls

P1 – walk with bricks over your head to marker.  P2 – thrusters

P1 – walk with bricks over head, 10 shoulder press.  P2 – squats

P1 – walk with bricks over head, 10 curl for girls.  P2 – chest press

P1 – walk with bricks over head, 10 tricep extensions.  P2 – burpees with bricks

P1 – bear crawl with bricks to marker, monkey humpers (no bricks).  P2 – curls

Move all 52 bricks to brick pile and set up.

Circle up at flag for Mary.

20 V-ups

20 flutter kicks IC



  • 50K in January
  • Christmas party 12/15
  • Growruck in January


  • Blindside and family
  • JJ’s friend
  • Overage and Dozer’s friend
  • Family of Scotch’s M


Mercy Rule is posting daily it seems.  Ran SL before workout.  Keep an eye on this guy.  Strength is there no doubt, once he builds his endurance up he will be UNSTOPPABLE.

All pax that posted, it was cold and the bed was more comfortable.  DRP was taken today.

Lexington HS, phenomenal facilities.  We are extremely fortunate to have the ability to workout here.