• When: 2018-11-20
  • QIC: Cowbell
  • The PAX: Cheers, Buzz Saw, Big Box, Terasee, Coon Dog, Dr. Lovin, Bing, Genie, Doo Dah, Targe, Ponzie, Hash & Rice, FNG Magellan

Rotten logs

14 PAX and 1 FNG came out for a good workout in some great weather

50 degrees and dark

We started by running across the bridge to the soccer fields.

Circle up and do the following exercises in cadence

20 SSH, 20 windmills, 22 overhead claps, 25 Imperial walkers, 20 Merkins, 15 BBSitups, 33 flutter kicks, 24 overhead claps.

Knozit and I were talking recently about how we haven’t used the logs in a while. That got me thinking that my next Q, I would make full use of them. Little did I know that they were badly rotten and the flips across the field only broke all but one into pieces. Soo… we picked up the pieces and moved on to plan B.

Blocks don’t rot, so I figured I would be safe with those. We all grabbed a block and mosied back to the sideline. We partnered up and one PAX did a block exercise while the other ran across the field and back. Exercises were:

Curls for the girls, overhead press, BBsitups, bent over rows, LBC’s

We then mosied to the “hill” on the other side of the field and did 11’s. Block squats at the bottom and merkins at the top.

We dropped our blocks off and bear crawled the bridge for the last two minutes of pain. 1 minute peoples chair and 1 minute balls to the wall.

Thanks to all that came out and welcome Magellan to our family of men.