• When: 2018-07-03
  • QIC: Rook
  • The PAX: Shades of Gray, Netflix, Breaker Breaker, Weekend Special, Bulldog, Short Haul, Crack, Good Hands, Toe Ring, Rook

Rook’s Patriotic Post and Independence Day Trivia Q

YHC put himself on the Q sheet awhile back for Graveyard as a means of keeping himself accountable to working out. As usual, the Lexington AO’s continue to be very welcoming and friendly. This was my first time Q’ing Graveyard, and it did not disappoint. The pax had a brief run-in with the Crypt crew and for a moment, there was some tension. For the briefest of periods we thought there was about to a song and dance gang fight in the style of Westside story. Luckily there were no casualties to a dance-off.

Weather – Upper 70’s and 1,000% humidity

Jaunt to bottom of Reaper Hill, then proceeding up at 4 stations
Station 1 – 10 (4 count) American Hammers (To honor America of course)
Q mentioned that Lexington, SC was established in 1735 and used to be called Saxe Gotha. It was named Lexington in 1785 in honor of Lexington and Concord.
Station 2 – 20 Merkins (AKA ‘Murcans)
Q mentioned that even though July 4 is recognized as our nation’s Independence day, the 1776 Congress actually declared Independence to King George on July 2, 1776.
Station 3 – In honor of one of my favorite Americans – 20 Freddie Mercury’s
Q mentioned that Thomas Jefferson, who wrote the Declaration of Independence actually died on July 4. My next fact was GOING to be that Jefferson and President John Adams died on the same day, July 4, 1826 but Netlfix stole my thunder. James Monroe also died on the 4th of July, 1831.
Station 4 – 20 SSH

Since Netflix stole my fourth fact, I was left high and dry. So I shared with the group that rubber bands last longer if you refrigerate them. Murica.

Return to the bottom of Reaper Hill.

10 Burpees OYO
Q mentioned that Calvin Coolidge is the only American president born on the 4th of July.
Whilst running back towards the football field, the Pax inquired about the bright star in the morning sky. While I was not planning on whipping out my astronomy skills it just sort of happened organically. The bright star in the morning sky is, in fact, not a star at all. It’s the planet Venus and is the 3rd brightest object in our sky other than the Sun (aka Sol) and the moon (aka Luna). Venus, being the bright morning star was called by the Romans “Lucifer” which literally means “The Bright and Morning Star.” That’s right. When referring to Lucifer, the Romans were talking about the planet Venus. Also, interesting fact, if you look at Venus through binoculars or a telescope, it’s crescent-shaped. 
Head to concrete plateau above football field.
10 Burpees OYO
Q mentioned the original US flag purposefully had the 13 colonies arranged in a circle to represent that all states were equal. Run down to softball field
10 Burpees OYO
Q mentioned at the time of the Revolutionary War, England had the fiercest army in the world. They were beaten by rag-tag patriots by refusing to play by their rules. If American militia had tried to stand against British forces on a field of battle, it would have been a slaughter. So American troops engaged in guerrilla tactics, picking off British soldiers while they were marching and then disappearing into the woods, never allowing the British to organize a counter attack. The constant barrage of guerrilla warfare demoralized the British troops.Return back to concrete pad.

10 Burpees OYO

Q mentioned that the first Independence Day celebration took place on July 7, 1776. The US government first recognized Independence Day as an official US holiday and time for celebration. The US government recognized it as an official holiday in 1870.

Now that the Q was out of Independence Day facts, the pain train left the station.
11’s on the stairs. Monkey humpers at the top (in honor of “Guerrilla” tactics), and T-plank merkins at the bottom.

Run to 50 yard line on the football field.
No workout honoring the Stars & Stripes would be complete without a star-themed exercise, and one of Rook’s personal favorites; the Death Star.Death Star
Bear crawl to nearest star point, do 20 reps of dealer’s choice.
Bear crawl back to center cone, 5 burpees.
Hit all 5 star points
The pax were properly worn out after the Death star.
20 Hand-release Merkins
20 Flutter kicks
20 Mountain Climbers
July 4, Graveyard gates open at 6 a.m. Frisbee or running is available.
Graveyard and Detention will be converging in August. Tuesdays, Graveyard will host Detention and a Detention Pax will Q. On Thursdays, Graveyard will travel to Detention and a Graveyard Pax will Q. There are three open spots for Q at Detention.
Graveyard shirts are available for order

7/17 – Pray for Bray Q at Detention with Blue Rhino and his 2.0 Stitches (AKA Brayden).

Prayer Requests:
Prayer for American families