• When: 2019-01-08
  • QIC: Pocahontas
  • The PAX: Quisenberry, Treadmill, Breakfast Club, Canseco, Booster, Tater, Deadbolt, Joe Bou, Wapner, Dance Off, Tri Delta, Pick Axe, Pocahontas

Rock paper Scissor Burpees


(Posted on behalf of Pocahontas)

Finally, a dry and clear morning to run around doing Figure 8s behind the school.

Conditions: Dry, Clear and Warm

The Thang:

Disclaimer & Prayer
Mosey to back parking lot
Circle up

  • SSH x10 ic
  • Arm Circles x10 ic
  • TTT x10 ic

Split into 2 Groups of 6/7

Moseyed to get a block and head to the grass below the stairs.

The Figure 8:

4 cones at 4 corners of the back area of the school, with 3 exercises written on each cone.
One cone in the middle was a meeting point for both groups to play some Rock, Paper, Scissor, Burpees.

  • Cone 1 exercises:
    • 1st 15 block merkins,
    • 2nd 20 flutter kicks with block,
    • 3rd 10 block press
  • Cone 2 exercises:
    • 1st 15 calf raises,
    • 2nd 20 LBCs,
    • 3rd 10 Tplank Merkins
  • Cone 3 exercises:
    • 1st 15 Curls for the girls,
    • 2nd 20 block squats,
    • 3rd 10 iron marys with block
  • Cone 4 exercises:
    • 1st 15 squats,
    • 2nd 20 BBCs,
    • 3rd 5 Burpees
  • Cone 5: Rock Paper Scissors

Group 1 started at cone 1 completing the first exercise written before moseying up the stairs to cone 2. (Planking for the six after each exercise)
Meanwhile, Group 2 started at cone 3 completing the first exercise written before moseying up the hill to cone 4. (Planking for the six after each exercise)
Each group then completes the first exercise on cone 2/4 before moseying down the hill to meet at cone 5.

Lined up facing each other, each played rock, paper, scissors, burpees. A loss resulted in having to do 3 burpees before continuing to the next cone.

Group 1 Track: cone 1> cone 2> middle cone> cone 3> cone 4
Group 2 Track: cone 3> cone 4> middle cone> cone 1> cone 2

Each group ran the figure 8 three times to complete all exercises on every cone.

All lined up at the bottom of the hill, then proceeded to bear crawl up the hill, completing 5 burpees at the top before coming back down the hill.

Mosey to put up blocks, mosey to front parking lot.

Planked and completed Boat/Canoe for remaining 2 minutes.


  • Q 101 School 1/22
  • Dam the Dam

Prayer requests:

  • Wells Family
  • Maxie
  • Whiffleball
  • Unspoken