• When: 2020-08-01
  • QIC: Hemingway
  • The PAX: Brick, Ram Rod, Knozit (R), Cheers, Milli Vanilli, Breakfast Club, Coon Dog, She Shed, Kenwood (R), Soaker, Buzz Saw (R), Blue Bloods, Ped

Road Warrior Road Show: Beech House Edition

YHC decided to bring solid WOD and Cryptonite worthy workout to the Beech House for “FUN.” It was…”FUN.” So, mission accomplished.

Weather: Sultry

The Thang:

1 Mile Warm Up…For Fun

Allowed Buzz Saw to flip a coin between WOD Tara and WOD Bert (Milli Vanilli’s favorite). Tails for WOD Tara.

Buy in: 26 Burpees

6 Rounds of:

19 Block Swings…for FUN

20 Merkins…for FUN

19 Squats with Blocks…for FUN

400 Meter Run..for FUN

After FULL Round 6, we planked for 3:49 (Penalty for breaking 1st: 3 Burpees for the boys, 2nd: 4 Burpees for the boys, 3rd: 9 Burpees for the boys. YHC broke at 49 seconds, so Buzz Saw decided to get in on the fun. Two more breaks for a final 16 Burpees.

Sprint back to the flag…for FUN.


-Stop The Swamp is Canceled

-Kraken on Aug. 8th

-The Arc at Jumanji on Aug. 15th

-9/11 Memorial Run at Smokehouse on 9/26

-Columbia GoRuck event still on


-F3 Farfegnugan

-F3 E2

-F3 Cheers Brother-n-Law

-F3 Kenwood’s M’s family

-F3 Tinkle

-F3 Notebook

-Former Players at Swansea

-All Athletes as we return to practice

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