• When: 2018-01-19
  • QIC: Boucher
  • The PAX: Gravedigger, Meatball, Iron Mary, Brick, Slumlord

Polar Bear Crawls

YHC was happy to see 6 other pax decided to join him in the nice crispy morning air and all men that posted got better.


Mosey to other side of parking lot for COP

Imperial Walkers x15

Squat x15 OYO

TTT x15

Squat x15 OYO

LPAC x15 each way

Squat x15 OYO

Mosey to end of Breeze way

Tha Thang

Bear crawl to first column then do 10 BBSU. Rinse a repeat moving up one column at a time doing 10 BBSU at each column.


Mosey to Breeze way in court yard

Plank Bear crawl Indian run.  Entire group gets in low plank shoulder to shoulder.  Pax at the back Bear Crawls to front and get in low plank.  Each person continues to move to front until other end of Breeze way.


Mosey side walk in Breeze way

One group of three, One group of four.  One person on each side walk, one person Bear crawling to other side.  Person on other sidewalk will be doing LBCs.  Person on near side walk will be doing the same.  The group together will do 300 LBCs.  With one person Bear crawling to each side to move back and fourth between sidewalks.  The count will only be on far sidewalk.


Rinse and Repeat this time doing 4 count Russian Twist and person on near side walk will be rotating between 10 Merkins and 10 squats.


Mosey to front Breeze way Columns

People Chair for 1min then 10 Iron Cross Do this 3 times.

Recover head to flag.




Dam to Dam Feb 24th

Carolina Reaper July 14th

Prayer Request

Marriages, Scotches 2.Os