• When: 2018-02-27
  • QIC: Fast Casual
  • The PAX: Dandelion (Kotters), Nibbles, Notebook, Floppy Disk, Recall, Potluck, Utah (Respect), Fast Casual, Whisper

Plank it up!

Conditions : 44 F, clear with a very cool (cold) breeze.

Disclaimer: Not a professional;  no FNG; warned if anyone wanted to leave it was a good time now. (no one left whew).

Goal:  Focus on core and use the plank as the tool.

Warm up:

Mosey around the parking lot then:

  • Imp. walker X11
  • TTH x11
  • Windwmill x11
  • Baby arm circles each way x11
  • Merkins X11
  • Knee up x 11 ( pax were confused about this one)

Mosey to side entrance gate and cross the gate :
Plank it up for a minute
21x LBC
21x Mountain Climber
21x Shoulder taps
21x Flutter Kicks
Plank it up 45 seconds

Mosey to basketball court:
Plank it up 45 seconds
11x merkins OYO
11x Shoulder taps OYO
11x dying cockroach or what I thought they were (FD had other ideas).

5 Merkins OYO Plank it up
Sprint to mid court 21 squats
Sprint to end 5 Merkins.
Sprint back to Mid court 21 Squats
Sprint back to start Plank and 5 merkins
Rinse and repeat.
Plank again.

Mosey to the back gate:
Repeat first set of 21 exercises along with plenty of planking.
YHC had thought he heard some appreciation of the plank so we kept planking (my hearing serves me well).

Mosey to stairs :
21 calf raises for Quest who was missed.

Then to front of school plank it up 5 merkins OYO
Then sprint to flag pole and plank
Bearcrawl back

Then mosey around the edge of the parking lot did some burpees merkins at each pole (2 each), along with planking at each pole.

We did some 11 burpees somehwere.

Tried to go to announcements without Name-o-Rama; FD squared that away quickly.


3 March Convergence at River Bluff HS
23-24 March: P200
KD retirement (brett favre type was asked by potluck)
Very much indebted to KD for what he has done for the folks in Lexington F3 and Fia also IMO.

Prayers for Dear Diary and Pom Pom’s M battling breast cancer

Great work was done by all and I didint hear any complaints so there it is.

Devo not so much per se YHC did want the pax to reach out to family elders and older friends that may be going through loneliness and how we can, should be there for them.
Also mentioned about going out and voting for dist 69.


Till next year……..