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YHC was awoken by the sound of his phone going off. It was Emmy asking if he was going to Q today. YHC jumped out of bed and drove in hot! After 10 minutes of running around looking for them, YHC finds them on the field in the middle of B.O.M.B.S needless to say the mumble chatter was strong amongst the PAX. YHC in unsure when he will here the end of this. YHC had them mosey over to the goal line with the blocks they already had and gave a quick disclaimer. Now time for YHC to join in on the work.


COP: the PAX called out various exercises to get themselves warm


Plank hurdle to other goal line

Crab cakes X 25

Merkins X 20

Bear crawl to 25 yard line

Squats X 25

Run backward to opposite goal line

Colt 45s

Tricep extension X 20

Dragon walk to 25 yard line

Flutter kicks X 25 4 count

AYG to opposite goal line

Monkey Humpers X 20 2 count

180 jump squat X 20

Broad jump to 25 yard line

LBCs X 20

Carioca to goal line

OH Press X 20

Rows 10 each arm

10 burpees OYO



Help make an IMPACT- F3 has an opportunity to help mentor children at schools in our community.  Looking for HIMs that can spend 30 mine to 1 hour with a child Contact Kendall for more information [email protected]

3/16/18 Lighthouse for Life 5K

3/19/18 SnakePit fellowship night location TBD

3/23/18 P200

5/19/18 Ultimate challenge Mud run

5/19/18 Foot Pursuit 5K https://www.facebook.com/events/1428543963923281/

Prayer Request

Honey Bun’s Coworker let his wife and 2.0

Farmer’s dad and family recovering from back surgery

Siskel 2.0 and SIL moving to Spartanburg…new job, new area