• When: 2019-03-05
  • QIC: Harp
  • The PAX: Harp (Respect)

One is the loneliest number…

YHC woke around 3am and heard the soft pitter patter of rain outside, but knew the pax were counting on a good workout this am, so instead of turning off the alarm as has been done so many times in the past, YHC glanced at the outdoor temp gauge, made a mental note of the 44 degree mark and dozed off for another 90 minutes.

When the alarm sounded, the temp read 40 degrees and seemed to be dropping quickly.  The pax have been so supportive of YHC after ACL surgery in 2016 and another surgery in 2018, both of which had lengthy recovery periods, there was no way they would be left stranded.  Early attendance was required on this day so no Pax would arrive solo and leave thinking the Q was a no-show.

10 minutes before the workout, the shovel flag was planted and  ready for the cold and wet beatdown.  If you build it they will come.  If you lead, they will follow.

Conditions: 36 degrees, cold and drizzling

1 minute warning


1 minute after warning…

ahh, a car slowing down….

must have been something in the road….

5 minute after warning….

Surely others will show….


Maybe there in front of the school under the covered area…..

Hustle to the car and drive around to the front of the school…..No one there.

The fartsack wins again….

To be continued on another backblast for another day.