• When: 01/27/15
  • QIC: PYT
  • The PAX: Hopper, PYT, Hanging Chad, Bulldog, The Closer, Whisper, Re-bar, Ranger, Shades of Grey, Fast Casual, Itchy, Shake and Bake, Band Camp, House, Spackle, Bragger, Tumbler, Forrest, Cream Cheese, Digger, Lobo, Pavarotti, Honey Boo Boo, Long Haul, Utah, Clipboard, Wkd Special, Toe Ring, Turf Toe, Stella, Turrasi, Elang


30.5 Pax showed up for a PYT merkin/ squat fest.  Mumble chatter was at an all time high i would say.  I can’t figure out it they really do hate when YHC Q’s or if they just like to poke the bear and see me get angry!!! Either way its all in fun and i take it upon myself to make you all stronger.  Some other Q can make you faster or whatever else you wanna be.  PYT (BeastMode 2014) is here to make YOU stronger. 10 minutes in the workout we had one Pax scamper off and never return.  We think it was “The Closer”

Conditions: Cold (I hate the cold weather, cant wait to warm back up so we can do 3000 yards of wind sprints)

The Thang:


Disclaimer: you know the deal if you cant do then don’t Q it.  If you cant keep up do something else.

Jog around field for 1 lap



Imperial Walker IC X 20

Merkins IC x 20

LBC’s IC x 20

Line up on goal line:

Push up / shoulder touches

1 push up / 2 shoulder taps

2 push ups / 4 shoulder taps

3 push ups / 6 shoulder taps………………

all the way to 10 push ups with 20 shoulder taps

Flutter kicks IC x 50

Lunge to opposite endzone

More pushups

Bear crawl 10 yards / 10 push ups to the 50

lunge to endzone

100 deep squats (brutal!! they kept talking so we kept squatting)

Flutter Kicks IC x 50

More Merkins in front of Ranger and Hanging Chad since they love to talk

Sprint to opposite endzone

More merkins

Russian Twist IC x 20

More Merkins

End with 200 yard wind sprint






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