• When: 2017-07-25
  • QIC: Cheers
  • The PAX: Ken Doll, Rubber, Slum Lord, Buzzsaw (respect), Coon Dog, Milk and Cookies, Hash and Rice, Big Box, Bing, Notebook, Ponzi, Pew, Cheers

Merkin Beatdown (AKA: Worst Q Ever)

YHC had a few goals in mind today.  One was to get Merkins in for the 10K challenge and one was to annoy the PAX.  It was safe to say both were accomplished.  The other one was to make a point of how important this group of guys is to me.  Each day, you to have average roughly 325 Merkins during this challenge.  When I am by myself and feel like I can’t do another one, I start imagining what my F3 brothers would be saying to me, trying to encourage me to do more.  If in that time of exhaustion, boredom, and sheer pain, all I can think about are these guys having my back, it is evident how strong of a bond we have with each other.  That’s what F3 means to me.

Conditions:  Muggy, Clear, humid

The Thang



Mosey to top soccer field:

Pair up

While one partner is doing Merkins, the other runs to the opposite side of the field to do 50 crunches then run back.  Once one partner returns, they begin doing Merkins while the other stops Merkins and runs to the opposite side for crunches, then returns.  Rinse and repeat until at least one partner hits 500 merkins.

Indian Run (once all teams complete Merkins) twice around the Slammer route.

At shelter:

Flutter kicks x 30 IC

Hello Dollies x 10 IC

Crunches x 100 OC


2 Pax for Stride Lite

7 Pax for The Rock


This workout really brought out Nantan’s mumblechatter skills.

Did anyone see or hear Notebook today?

Uncle Ron made an appearance, form was criticized.


7/29:  Coon Dog Q at Shawshank

8/5: Sweet Baby O 5K

8/26:  Stomp the Swamp 5K


Flannagan Family

H&R Sister-in-law’s father in Hospice

Charles Judge family

All unspoken prayers