• When: 2019-07-23
  • QIC: Lucky Nub
  • The PAX: TnG, Babe, Shankapotomus-R, Pullout, Rollo, Wilson, NUB, Urkel, Hollywood,Happy Trees, Matlock-R, Belding

Lucky who…Lucky you!!!

Well as chatter on the board last night was going around, our AOQ made it known that today’s QIC would be the Lucky 7, meaning who ever rolled in as the 7th to arrive had the Q.  YHC didn’t really think too much about this as he’s usually early but trouble locating clothes after vacation and double back to get the water bottle left at the house had me feeling kinda uneasy about what my arrival time would be.  As i slinked into the parking lot i carefully counted vehicles, 1,2,3,4,5…YES, I barely made is as #6…WRONG…TnG decided to bike it to Smokehouse and Babe says he was sure to get there 1st so as not to be in play for the Q.  My joy to be #6 just turned into, Oh hell I’m Lucky #7.  Well lucky for all the Smokehouse pax I always keep some fun beatdowns stored away in my brain but alas my brain must still be soaking up rays (and suds) at the beach because nothing was immediately coming to mind.  No matter, lets figure it out on the fly.



Mosey towards track…left turn Clyde (I meant Shank) lets head to the stadium instead.  I think I scared some of the pax into thinking that without a thought out weinke we’d just run the Smoker or that was the thought anyway, who knows if it really worked.

COPTTTx15 IC, Freddie Mercurys x 15 IC, Smurf Jacks x 10 IC

Snake the stadium stairs to the far end.  Once all there grab 2 bricks from the pile and head to the track.  This is where it started to spiral out of control.  BLIMPS w/bricks were up so while I racked my brain as to what the P was I just made up Presses and we went with it.  Also, the last time I did this we did it with partners but I couldn’t remember how many to do of each with the partners so we just went back to OYO like this…w/ a bear crawl 20 yds and crawl bear back between exercises.

B-Burpees x 20 L-Lunges x 25 2ct I-Imperial Walkers x 30 M-Merkins x 35 P-OH Presses x 40 S-Squats x 45

Now a little more confusion as only Lucky Nub can do it, as we now split up and faced each other on your 6 doing BBSU‘s while passing both bricks to your side then forwards until all bricks ended up on one end R&R til all bricks were back at the start.  Yeah it was confusing to do and obviously to type too.  Bricks Up!!!

Head back to stadium and pick a partner.  P1 runs down stairs and back while P2 does Balls to the Wall, flapjack and be careful on the knees while getting in balls position or something like that Urkel said.  Complete three rounds.

Mosey to ticket booth.  Once there pax did 50 American Hammers then jailbreak run to the SF.  Time still left,so while at SF, do 50 Flutter Kicks then run down to Tree Island and back.  Time was called.

Count/Name o rama

Announcements–911 Challenge final planning meeting coming early/mid August

Prayers-Mason Williams

Moleskin: Obviously a brush up on my Lexicon was needed while YHC was DR a DM from KD had me thinking one of our pax was in the hospital when actually…he was just asking his last name, duh

HOSPITAL NAME What a PAX’ parents name him in the hospital shortly after his birth and before anyone knows the nature of the race for which he has been set out to run.