• When: 2019-12-03
  • QIC: Iron Mary
  • The PAX: Slumlord (R), Grave Digger, Honey Boo Boo, Scotch, Kenwood, All 9's, Dangle, Brick, Hoist, Ranger (R), Iron Mary (R)

Let the Whistle Ring!

10 PAX defeated the sack for what YHC described would be “Fun” the night before on The Hollow DM board.  Knowing it would be a little chilly ITG, YHC thought it’d be a good idea to let the PAX know he’d be changing things up a bit in effort to lure some of the boys across the line between the fartsack and the the DRP.  We had a good group this morning I think we all had “Fun!”  Here’s how it went down.

Weather:  32 degrees with a slight breeze.  Chilly!

1-minute warning


Opening Prayer

Warm up Mosey around the big parking lot and circle up over by the block pile for COP.


SSH x 20 IC

IW x 20 IC

TTT x 15 IC

OH Clap x 20 IC

The Thang

Grab a block and mosey over to the parking lot

Circle up around the speaker

YHC downloaded a pacer app to use for our beep test workout

1st Beep Test

Grab your blocks.  After you hear the beep (actually a whistle) complete Curls x 5 and then wait for the next beep and complete Curls x 5.  Continue until failure.

Continue pattern with the following exercise.  Complete each after beep until failure then move to the next.

  • OH Press x 4
  • Merkins x 3
  • Block Thruster x 2
  • Burpees x 1

The beep pace gets faster and faster as you progress through this workout.

91 Rounds were completed by the top performers.  Kudos All 9’s and Grave Digger!

2nd Beep Test

The second beep test was your typical “Pacer” test.

Two markers were spaced 20m apart

The PAX line up for the start at one marker.

On the beep, each PAX proceeds to the other marker.  Each PAX must arrive at the marker prior to the beep.  The beep pace gets faster and faster throughout exercise.

Continue until failure

Similar to the 1st Beep Test the top performer completed 91 rounds.  Kudos All 9’s!

Recover then grab your block and circle up

Complete the following exercises in until QIC calls next exercise

  • KB Swings OYO (Approx. x 25)
  • OH Press OYO (Approx. x 50)
  • Merkins OYO (Approx. x 25)
  • Back Squats OYO (Approx. x 50)

Return blocks and return to Shovel Flag for COT and BOM





  • NYD Convergence at LHS on January 1st at 7am.
  • Christmas Party next Saturday, December 14th.  Bring donations.  Get your votes in for awards.
  • Dam to Dam Relay Saturday, February 15th.

Prayer Requests:

  • Dangle
  • Marriages
  • Kenwood’s back
  • Cheers friend who recently passed away – Leave No Doubt! Always work on your legacy.  You never know when it’s your time.

Closing Prayer