• When: 06/16/15
  • QIC: Lego
  • The PAX: Scotch, Field Goal, Ponzi, Yee Haw, Bearded Lady, Slosh, Hot Spot, Pew, Coon Dog, Buzz Saw, Lego

“Lego, You Have Lost Your *&%# Mind”

Is there any better way to start an F3 beatdown than with Burpees? YHC didn’t think so. So after prayer and disclaimer 20 burpees on your on.

Move out into the parking lot and find a parking space line.

Side to side jumps over line for 1 minute.

Front Back jumps over line for one minute.

Pair up in groups with man of similar size and height.  T-claps to Field Goal for volunteering to be the odd man.  Made his job tougher but Field Goal is a beast and can handle it.

#1 man gets a  block #2 man gets a log.

Round #1 – Line up on side line of Soccer Field.  #1 man does walking Shoulder press with block while #2 man does log flips to other side line.  Switch and come back.

Round #2 – you and partner stand back to back.  Hand off the block to each other for one minute.  Halfway thru switch direction.  (This one was new and has great promise.  Just spit balling here, maybe do a workout where this is a major focus of the 45 minutes)

Round #3 – You and Partner lift log over head and run to side line

Round #4 – You and partner cradle log in arms and do walking lunges to side line (heard a lot of mumble chatter about this one really sucking)

Round #5 – Line up on side line of Soccer Field #1 man does walking Shoulder press with block while #2 man does log flips to other Side line.  Switch and come back.

Put up the block and logs and mosey over the the big hill.

With Partner wheel barrow up the hill.  Both men do 10 iron crosses, run down hill and do 10 BBSU. Switch and add 10 reps each trip till we get to 60.  After round two, it was said, “Lego, you have lost your &%^$ mind!”.  As it turns out, the Pax were correct and after round three YHC called an audible and did the last half with flutter kicks at top of the hill and LBC at bottom of hill.

Don’t know about the rest of the pax, but there was enough abs to make YHC seriously consider reversing gears for a Merlot tossing moment.  Not quit but close.


6-27-15 The Crucible

8-1-15 Sweet Baby O

8-29-15 Stomp The Swamp

Prayer Requests

Bearded Lady prayers for safety with traveling

Continued Prayers for Edding’s Family and their loss

Muggy Tape’s 2.0 had seizure Sunday evening, so far all tests are negative

Continued prayers for Walker






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