• When: 2017-11-08
  • QIC: Shades of Grey, Treadmill
  • The PAX: Treadmill, Baconator, Dandelion, Floppy Disc, Kendoll, Good Hands, GED (Respect), Whisper, Nature Boy, Socrates, Utah (Respect), Candy Strip, Booster, Say What, Copay (Respect), Soccer Mom, Dancing Machine, Hopper (Respect), House (Respect), Spackle (Respect), Tipper, Banjo, Shake n Bake, Tough Guy, Ocho Cinco, Chair, Choo Choo, Chedda, No Help, Permit, No Show, FDIC, Clipboard, Rocking Chair (Respect), Sharknado, Simon Says, The Biq Peter, Quisenbury. Buttermaker (Respect), Swanson, Alter Boy, Yahoo Columbo, Nozit, MJ, Greenbo (Respect), Nibbles, Iron Mary, Dunphy, Scooper, Voltron, Cansenco, Granola, Booby Trap, Recall, Strut, Teacher's Pet, Rumblestrip, Cowbell, Kukoc, Eve, Half Sack, Thumps Up (Respect), Chips, Wine-o, Happy Trees, Itchy (Respect), Meatball, Forest, Hoist, Muggy Tape, Long Haul, Olive Oil, Wapner, Boo (Respect), Clapper, Pole Position, Ranger (Respect), Mac, Crack (Respect), Hot 4 Teacher, Lock box, Bar Crawl, Shades of Grey

Leave No Doubt


Some 90 Pax met this morning to honor their fallen brother’s birthday. YHC borrowed an idea that Fracture had several months ago and wanted to make this day more about the 3rd F then any other.


No route, grab a brother or brothers and focus on the 3rd F.




John Flanagan Memorial 10k

Hairy Bison 15k/30K, Saturday November 18th.

F3/FIA Christmas Parade Sunday December 3rd.

F3/FIA Christmas Party Friday December 15th.

Donut Run this Friday, meet in Home Depot parking lot

Thirsty Thursday next Thursday November 16th, the end of the beard contest for Speed for Need.

Prayer Requests:

Unspoken for a brother

Fry Daddy-Father past away earlier this week

Blindside’s daughter

Chips Mom

Dear Diary and health issue


Devo lead by Treadmill:

Romans 12:2

Do not conform to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Then you will be able to test and approve what God’s will is—his good, pleasing and perfect will.

Be the man that God created you to be and you will certainly .