• When: 11-8-18
  • QIC: Postal
  • The PAX: Altar boy, giggity, brown out, shark bait, Columbo, wingbat, hot for teacher, blue rhino, t spot, ocho cinco, fog horn, glow rod

Kelly goes to Jumanji

YHC made his way to Jumanji and had a blast! Decided it was time to take #Kelly on the road and introduce him to the men of F3 Lexington!

This q was fun and fast paced, here is how it went down!

Consitons: foggy and 58

the thang:

Bom, Prayer, disclaimer,

mosey to baseball field:

warm-ups: 30 SSH IC, 10 slo-mo merkins OMC, LBAC’s 10 forward, 10 reverse, and 10 overhead IC, 10 slo-no merkins OMC

This q was simple to write but tough to de, these men pushed it hard all the way!

Four corners, one middle spot,

cpunt off into 4’s 1’s with Kelly and the rest pick a cone, overhead press Kelly til relieved by another team.

Round 1 (25 ea) merkins, lbc’s plank jacks, flutter kicks

round 2 shoulder taps, big boy sit-ups, diamond merkins, Freddy Mercury

Round about this time wingbat and Co. Began to “accidentally “ drop Kelly, 5 burpees came each time they did

round 3 added the bear crawl to each station and it was tough!

Mountian climbers, iron cross, Carlolina dry docks, hello dolly

we finished this boot camp in YHC’s typical fashion, 5 50 yard sprints and a couple 1 minute drills back to back! Strong finish to all!

Mosey back to flag,


announcements: Ken doll looking for people to hold signs at Cheech 10k